September 4, 2005


by Chris Randall

Sonic State is reporting that Roland has instituted a top-down restructuring, spinning off the BOSS group in to its own semi-autonamous entity, and...

Oh, right, I forgot that nobody fucking cares. I am now firmly convinced that if Sonic State isn't owned by Roland, then somebody that runs that site is fucking somebody at Roland. They continually print the most banal Roland press releases. A boutique company can send them shit all day long, and they'll never print it, but someone at Roland gets two-ply bathroom tissue instead of the company-standard one-ply, and it's banner headlines at Sonic State. I have no idea why I continue to subject myself to this drivel, but I'm a junkie for music news, what can I say?

UPDATE: I just did the math, and fully 10% of the articles on Sonic State's front page are about Roland. I realize I'm obsessing over this, but it is still such blatant ass-licking, I can't help but notice.




Sep.04.2005 @ 9:18 PM
and what was the last decent thing Roland or Boss gave us in the last 20 years?

Sep.07.2005 @ 11:00 PM
Melissa Royall
I got some beautiful lime green Boss socks about 6 years ago!!! I loved those socks... But they got a hole in them dammit...



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