July 6, 2006


by Chris Randall

Dear Lazyweb:

Do you, fair reader, have a Lexicon 200? I need a high-resolution image of the front panel of a 200, flat-on. It doesn't have to be 3000 pixels wide or anything, but I can't find a good large image on the Interwebs, and I seemed to have misplaced my 200. Oh, wait. I don't have one.

As a reward, I will grant an NFR license of the next Audio Damage product to the person that provides me with the largest image.

We have a winner. Ed Anderson snapped me a photo of his which turned out to be just what I needed. Thanks, Ed, and everyone else who went a-hunting for me.




Jul.06.2006 @ 7:15 PM
Here's the largest I can find:

link [www.funkyjunkfrce.co...]">link [www.funkyjunkfrce.co...]


Jul.06.2006 @ 7:27 PM
And this is the only face-on shot I could find, but no bigger than your original. Not a great photo, what with the light glare and the writing on the face, but nothing photoshop couldn't repair:

link [www.chrisgarges.co...]">link [www.chrisgarges.co...]


Jul.06.2006 @ 7:30 PM
And here's mine!

link [www.chrisgarges.co...]">link [www.chrisgarges.co...]



Jul.06.2006 @ 7:38 PM
Damn it shamann! ;-) I was just a couple of seconds late but hey sounds like we're getting a cool new AD plug which is always a pleasure...



Jul.06.2006 @ 7:40 PM
Chris Randall
Shamann gets 'em free anyways, too! Mr. Anderson's is bigger and flat-on, though.



Jul.06.2006 @ 7:49 PM
I was hoping to get it free twice!

Can we see the winning photo?


Jul.06.2006 @ 7:56 PM
Chris Randall
I'd have to upload it and such. He emailed it to me.



Jul.07.2006 @ 2:06 AM
So does this mean Audio Damage is developing a Lexicon Reverb plug?

Come on.. You know you want to!


Jul.07.2006 @ 2:11 AM
Chris Randall
Lexi-who? I don't know what you're talking about. Never heard of 'em.



Jul.07.2006 @ 5:07 AM
just dont name it Lverb 200 lol :P



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