July 4, 2006

WTB: Analog Monosynth...

by Chris Randall

I'm looking for a monosynth in the sub-$500 neck of the woods. I'm thinking along the lines of a Prodigy, CS-15, SH-7, OB-1, MS-10, etc. You know what I mean. If you've got something like this, don't live in Outer Mongolia, and accept paypal, drop me a line. The weirder it is, the more I'll like it, but it must have a keyboard.

Note: please don't fill the comments section with eBay links. I don't buy anything off eBay, ever. I'm boycotting them until they figure out a way to vet their customer base and stop all this bullshit scamming.



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Jul.06.2006 @ 12:05 PM
penzoil washington
CR, let me know if you don't take that 770 and it's available.
If I got that, I might part with my 700.



Jul.07.2006 @ 2:13 AM
Chris Randall
The 770 is on its way to me. I'm still looking for an MS-10, though, if anyone is feeling giving.



Jul.07.2006 @ 12:30 PM
Good choice, Chris.
I always wanted a 770 or a Maxikorg 800dv...I have too many monosynths though...and there's one on the way. ;)

Anybody want an **extremely** modified AXXE ? We're talkin' filter FM, pink neon tube connected to EG, clear plexiglass bottom, etc...


Jul.07.2006 @ 1:46 PM
penzoil washington
good move CR, let me know how you like.

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