August 7, 2005

1/3 of the way to being a rock star...

by Chris Randall

At least, that's what you're led to believe when you don't know any better. I found this Kay acoustic at a yard sale yesterday for $10. (When I got it, it was strung up, and had a bridge, if you were curious.) It sounded all right, considering the strings had probably been on it for 20 years. No cracks that I could see, although the paint job was a little hashed. Any help with a model number or rough date would be appreciated. It has the painted-on Kay logo common to the proletariate line, and is made out of what I could only assume to be birch plywood. The number "52" is stamped on the heel block when I took the (bolt-on) neck off. I assume that's a model and not the year of manufacture, because there's no way this thing is that old. I have a Silvertone arch-top from '53, and the differences are manifold.

In any case, I've never been a fan of sunburst paintjobs, and I'm definitely not a fan of red sunburst paint-jobs. Since the guitar needs quite a bit of work anyways, I decided to re-finish it in the bargain. I'll put up progress reports as I do so. I need a new pickguard, because the Kay logo is worn off of this one. Anyone that has a thought on where to get a new (or NOS) pickguard for this bad boy please whack the "contact" button and tell me so. My l33t Google skills were of no help. The lameburst paint came right off the back with a little Mouse action, so I expect to begin the paint job tomorrow or so.




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