July 2, 2006

A solution in search of a problem...

by Chris Randall

You might remember the Optimus keyboard (yeah, the one with a little OLED screen in each key) making the rounds a few months ago. Well, Art.Lebedev has actually brought a similar product to market, even though the Optimus is still a few months off. The Optimus Mini 3 is a baby version of the Optimus, with three screen/keys instead of 101.

I can actually think of several musical uses for this, truth be told. Well, onel, anyways: a wired remote for Nuendo. It'd be handy to have a stop/play/record remote. It isn't that expensive; you can pre-order it for $120 or so, and it is available in black or silver.




Jul.03.2006 @ 10:21 AM
penzoil washington
do ya really need animated rewind/stop/play buttons?
i assume nuendo can assign these commands to a keypad...
link [www.shentech.co...]">link [www.shentech.co...]

Jul.03.2006 @ 11:17 AM
Chris Randall
No, I really need animated rewind/stop/play buttons.





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