June 27, 2006

More info on the Buzz 500-series compressor...

by Chris Randall

Tim Farrant from Buzz Audio dropped the following info about the new Essence compressor:

We have the pricing for the 500 Series ESSENCE compressor worked out - it will street for US$875.

The ESSENCE has a Lundhal 1540 transformer input passively coupled to the OPTO gain reduction element, followed by a high speed Class A make up amplifier and into a Lundahl 1517 output transformer.

The sidechain design is very similar to our SOC1.1 Stereo Compressor, and offers the same Differential Drive topology. The attack time with this circuit is generally less than 1 millisecond when selected.

Units should begin shipping in September, due to availability of the Lundahl transformers.

The only downside to these guys is that they're double-wide, but when you think about it, hardly anyone (besides Adam Jay) has a full rack of 500 modules. Every picture I see with a rack has a couple empty holes. So, this kills two birds: you get a compressor, and one of those holes you're never gonna fill gets filled. It's win/win.




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