June 25, 2006

SSL Duende first user review...

by Chris Randall

Continuing my Duende fetish, here's the first review I've seen. People that had ordered them started receiving the first units this week, so we'll see some more of these. (I should just make a reusable Duende icon now, because I'm going to be talking about this a lot.)

It's interesting to note that this guy has two PoCo PCI, a UAD-1, and a FW PoCo in his system already, and didn't have any problems adding a Duende. A lot of people were worried about that. It is a Mac, obviously, so that may color your opinion on that particular subject. I plan to run the Duende and a PoCo FW on the same Windows box; we'll see how that goes.

That all said, the review reads about like I thought it would. I'm looking forward to September when the PC software becomes available.



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Jun.26.2006 @ 12:10 PM
both the SSL and focusrite look like set ups. can't say i'd buy either one though i'm sure they sound good. the liquid channel received very high praise and if the liquid mix is a spawn of that i'm sure it'll get similar marks by reviewers. time will tell i guess.

i think the signal chain getting into the computer is more important and maybe the difference in a nice recording channel-lousy recording channel is bigger than the difference than say and expensive plug in and a cheaper one. just mho of coure.


Jun.26.2006 @ 12:20 PM
Chris Randall
You're absolutely right about that. Garbage in, and no amount of spraypaint is gonna cover up that turd.

Now, that said, the Liquid Channel has _not_ received "very high praise," except by like two people. Everyone else that has used one has gone on at length about what crap it is. Do a search for it on Gearslutz and you'll find dozens of threads about what shite it is.

But, no doubt, if you have a good recording chain, it is a lot easier to mix, and you can probably get away with the built-in EQ of the DAW (gasp, choke.)



Jun.26.2006 @ 12:34 PM
eeek.. i had only read some reviews of the liquid channel in magazines. how tool-ish of me.

bummer.. i was hoping the liquid mix would have somekind of pedigree of greatness.

i'll check the gearslutz threads.


Jun.26.2006 @ 2:42 PM
Dude! I've been drooling all over Duende since the day one. Although I've never heard/seen it, but I _know_ how it's gonna sound like or at least what to expect from it, I'm sure you do too as well as many other AI readers.

In my previous comment, I was targeting the idiots who _don't know_ what to expect from an SSL while they think it's the best.

To sum up! I've always respected you/your opinion and certainly didn't call you a fucktard.



Jun.26.2006 @ 4:37 PM
Wade Alin
>>I don't trust Focusrite any more.

that about sums it up for me as well. the green golf course looking fuckers did them in.



Jun.26.2006 @ 11:04 PM
I think the Waves SSL / Duende thing is a clever ploy by SSL.

It's like "new coke".

SSL liscenes some stuff to Waves, knowing that it'll be decent but that everyone hates Waves' IP policies. They then produce a product very similar in effect, but direct from the source, and DSP based.

So not only do they have a much wider marketplace presence, having ridden on Waves' formidable marketing team, but they totally scoop up all the profits with a similar yet superior product.

Ok maybe it's not so much like 'new coke'. But maybe there's a reason Peter Gabriel looks so much like a wizard.


Jun.27.2006 @ 6:34 AM
As many of you, I'm also waiting on the first serious reviews about the duende. I have worked with the 4000 the 9000 and even recently with the aws 920. I'm not here to explain how the hell that happened to a 23 year old boy, but I can tell you that I will certainly buy something that comes close to that and fits into my bedroomproductionstudio. Do I honestly believe that you can drive the Duende plugin's like an ssl? Absolutely not. But I do believe that the ergonomics of the ssl channel strip on my computer will make my mixing process so much more enjoyable, if it all works properly that is. Those who worked with ssl spaceships perceive this brand as one that is serious about sound, and I don't believe they will f*ck that up with the duende.


Jun.27.2006 @ 8:44 AM
the casiotone
I saw a couple of companies working like this:

Waves approach SSL to do the plugins thingie (or vice-versa)
They make a development deal: Waves supplies the programmers/code/etc, SSL supplies the material/name/quality control.
Waves develops both sets of plugins with SSL.
Waves keep half the work (obviously, the ones they released), SSL keeps the other half (er... duende, of course).
They never have to talk to each other again and everyones happy.
It's like a -previously agreed- one night stand. Best deal in the world.

pure conjecture


Jun.27.2006 @ 10:58 AM
I don't think that's right. If Waves had worked on the Duende, they would want some credit.

Jun.27.2006 @ 11:38 AM
the casiotone
im not that sure of that.
there are a lot of companies doing back work for other companies, who are just branding the products/softwear/technology/whatever, and don't recive any credit whatsoever. they recive money or other things (like bitches and ferraris... right)
also, if this was the case, it would be a very good marketing strategy not to mix both names. I mean, waves is known by making "fine" products that are pretty much standard and everyone that actually has to worry about money hates them, while SSL is just pure lust.
SSL is like the word God for a lot of people, while Waves is pretty much related to satan and all that fiery er... flames, that are all around hell.
Sorry, i woke up a bit biblical today.


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