June 24, 2006

Branding a dot com...

by Chris Randall

Okay, so we've been out of Audio Damage t-shirts in Real People sizes for quite a while. Some tiny German dude just bought the last two out of the store, both smalls. I've received enough email requests to make it worthwhile to get new Audio Damage shirts made, so I'm in the process of getting that together. I'm going to change the design a bit to match our current ad campaign, but they'll still be 6-color print expensive-ass shirts.

We're obviously not in the business of selling t-shirts for any kind of profit. We have the mechanism to sell them, as the record label my wife owns/runs has to ship mail order every day; thus, it's not a big deal to send out a t-shirt or two here and there. But we don't want to turn Audio Damage in to a soft goods company that also sells plugins.

Now, that said, it's nice to have various items in the store, and I'm casting about for other items which might look good. Anyone that has bought soft goods from the Posi store knows that we don't scrimp on quality or anything, and we're only interested in top-of-the-line stuff. (The first Audio Damage t-shirt is actually a bit too heavy duty, IMO.)

Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone might have an opinion on what might be a cool item to carry in the store in addition to the t-shirts. I thought a laptop bag might be appropriate. I liked the ones that Ableton have; we obviously can't afford to do anything _that_ custom, but we could certainly sport something like this. Another product from that same company that caught my interest was this, which I thought might be good for doing a gig, as you could stick your laptop, and have the other bulkhead for a little mixer, audio interface, headphones, whatever.

We would, of course, add a nice big AD Bot embroidery to the front of anything like that. Any thoughts on other things I should consider? Is there a better bag out there? Some other piece of kit that would be cool branded with the AD bot?



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Jun.26.2006 @ 1:09 AM
> Have you ever noticed how hardly any drummers can play percussion? Why is that?

There are three type of drummers. Bad drummers, time-keepers and time-keepers who stand out and do a little "thing" on top of kepping the damn time. The latter group should have no problem playing percussion. The other two, simply need to work on their skills. In most cases, percussion playing is about going off-beat even off-time in a nice way! as well as adding odd accents, shit like that. In short, playing percussion is about all the things a time-keeper will never digest...

> Some other piece of kit that would be cool branded with the AD bot?

A DIY kit of a DSP card that runs AD plugs!! I know, I know...



Jun.26.2006 @ 2:17 AM
Chris Randall
It was what we call in the trade a rhetorical question.



Jun.30.2006 @ 11:49 AM
I'm a hat dude.

a Flex Fit semi-wool hat with embroidered AD logo would get worn by me lots.


Jul.04.2006 @ 5:41 PM
How about the bot itself? A little homie sized rubber figurine would look nice next to my lego astronaut....



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