June 17, 2006

Fucktard of the week!!! ("I'm a kind of famous" edition)

by Chris Randall

Speaking as a "kind of famous" person, you just have to know when to say when. This might make it in to Fucktard Of The Year contention. (Thanks, TD!)



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Jun.18.2006 @ 10:59 AM
I saw this when it came on Leno and was pretty appalled- i think i vomited in my mouth twice. As for the tongue in cheek thing- i read on rolling stone or billboard.com last week that he was planning on doing a bluegrass album featuring van halen covers. Seems Diamond Dave got into bluegrass a while ago and is an accomplished (probably self-proclaimed) finger picker. On the guitar that is.

As for him looking like he was doing this as a joke... look at any footage of him from the last 10 or 20 years- he looks just as coked out now as he did then. I guess i might as well JUMP!


Jun.18.2006 @ 2:02 PM

what's w/that smile.. he must be plastered on pharmaceuticals...

Jun.18.2006 @ 2:14 PM
Chris Randall
He always looks like that. Remember how your mom always said if you kept making that face, your face would get stuck like that?

She was right.



Jun.18.2006 @ 6:54 PM
well, it should at least be illegal to suck that bad.

Jun.18.2006 @ 7:15 PM
My favorite anecdote on him was in the Motley Crue autobiography where nikki talked about sitting with him in vince's / tommy's bedroom floor back in '83 doing coke and the full length mirror that was on the door right behind dave comes loose and crashes right over dave's head.

He didn't even notice and kept on snorting while surrounded by broken shards of glass. Maybe that's when his smile froze in place.


Jun.18.2006 @ 8:40 PM
I'd have that shit-eating grin too if I had just fleeced CBS Radio for a porported 9 mil.

Jun.19.2006 @ 10:39 AM
What worries me is that Dave's the genius and we're the fucktards. FYI ? Word has it he's recorded a cover of "U Can't Touch This."

Jun.19.2006 @ 11:26 AM
Wait a minute; how is this worse than the original? I could have lived my whole life in blissful ignorance of Eddie Van Halen's DX7 superchops. But no, that dream died in 1984.

Jun.19.2006 @ 11:57 AM
Wonder if they're gonna do Eruption on the violen- er, fiddle? Yee ha!

Jun.19.2006 @ 12:13 PM
"Eddie Van Halen's DX7 superchops"? Erm.... try Oberheim OB-Xa.
link [www.vintagesynth.co...]">link [www.vintagesynth.co...]

Good quote attributed to Diamond Dave: "You know why music critics hate Van Halen and love Elvis Costello? Because critics all look like Elvis Costello."


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