June 14, 2006


by Chris Randall

Sorry it's been sparse the last couple days, but I had my problem tooth, of which I've waxed poetic the last couple months, removed from my head yesterday. On top of that, we're very close to a release for Discord 2 (thank all the gods) and that is chewing a lot of my time up.

Other stuff going on: I've received all the parts from JLM Audio that I need to rack my soon-to-arrive Telefunken V376 mic pre. I ordered the power supply, Go-Between, and DI kit from JLM on Thursday, and they arrived on Monday. From fucking Australia. Do you believe that? I didn't. The kits are very nice, but I'm having some trouble putting the power supply together. The pads are extremely close together, and they take solder really well, so I've had some trouble accidentally bridging shit and what not. I fully expect this power supply to blow up the first time I plug it in.

I've ordered a mini toroid power transformer from Digi-Key, and all the Neutrik connectors from Mouser, and an absolutely beautiful clear anodized (read: aluminum-colored) rack from Par-Metal. If all shipping quotes are to be believed, I should have everything needed to put this bitch in my rack in about 8 to 10 days. Provided I don't blow the fucking thing up, all should be good. I'm trying to decide which EQ to put with it. I'm leaning right now towards an NTP 182-150, but I might be interested in a TAB W395A. If I could find an EMT 260 filter/limiter, I might throw that in instead.

In any case, back to work. Discord 2 is done; we're just assembling the installers and writing the manual, and doing final testing at this point. Expect it in a couple days.

UPDATE: The power supply didn't blow up when I plugged it in. In fact, it actually works perfectly. Go figure.



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Jun.14.2006 @ 6:54 PM
..hey, hey calm down on the abusive language wrt Australia...it's well known we dont fuckin swear at all down here mate,...but seriously, where in Australia did this shit come from? Maybe I can get it cheap at source.....

Jun.14.2006 @ 7:09 PM
Chris Randall
It's pretty cheap to begin with, and you can't. JLM Audio, the link is above.



Jun.14.2006 @ 10:38 PM
penzoil washington
Why the EMT filter limiter, CR? that's a noise reduction unit, albeit a pretty damn good one which i owned for a minute as part of an emt lunchbox, but still a strange choice.

Also, there's a guy on eBay selling Neumann EQ's for pretty reasonable buy it now prices, a couple hundred bucks.

That's good news about the ribbons, thanks!


Jun.14.2006 @ 11:00 PM
Chris Randall
The 260 is one of those few boxes on Crandall's Short List Of Shit That Makes Shit Sound Better When You Run That Shit Through It. I always thought about having a TFK pre->260 combo for bass and vocals (which, together, comprise approximately 80% of what I record in my studio on a daily basis.)

Pretty much all the EMT carts fit this bill, but the 260 is my favorite. I'd love to have a rack of those bitches. If anyone is selling an EMT 2xx cartridge, I'd be glad to hear about it.

Viz. buying cartridges (or anything else) on eBay, ain't gonna happen. eBay has ceased to be a viable market for pro audio and synth gear, because they can't police themselves. I no longer even browse eBay, and I strongly suggest that others avoid it, as well. There are plenty of markets for the kind of stuff we buy and sell that are perfectly safe, without having to resort to that shithole service any more.



Jun.15.2006 @ 12:15 AM
penzoil washington
Operating condition is very important with EMT carts. I had a pair of comp/lims and a pair of filter/lims. i agree that they sound great, but all the modules had problems. i was in europe at the time, where these are plentiful, as are techs, but everyone advised me the cost would be prohibitive. so i sold the whole thing and picked up an EMT 266x limiter. This thing's beastly on kicks, basses, etc. link [www.danalexandeio.co...]">link [www.danalexandeio.co...]

Jun.15.2006 @ 12:29 AM
Chris Randall
I certainly wouldn't turn one of those down. I've heard that the 2xx carts can be problematic, though. Do you have any experience with the 156 compressor?



Jun.15.2006 @ 7:56 AM
Excellent! I bought a TAB V376b and a BFE-Filtek MK3 EQ from German eBay after your earlier posts on the subject, but I have yet to get around to doing anything with them. Thanks for the link to the JLM Audio kits; they'll probably get to New Zealand, like, overnight. And yes, that's good news on the mics, also.

Jun.15.2006 @ 9:35 AM
penzoil washington
my friend has the 156. it's a great comp, very unique (PDM, i believe), suitable for mastering too. But again, they are generally fussy and rehabbing them is a big deal. Google that and Eddie Cilleti who describes the job. At least it's not like working on those cartridges which are bursting with bits in a tiny space.

Jun.15.2006 @ 9:00 PM
penzoil washington
Hey Chris, didn't you say you bought or were gonna buy a CME UF-series controller? Looks like waldorf is putting the microQ engine on a board, presumably to fit in where CME intended their bizarre audio interface board to be fitted for about 200 euros. That sounds like a worthwile addon I'll go for at some point ~ some latency-free 'analog' voices right in the same controller will come in handy when I can't fuss with hooking up one of the many funky junkers lying about here.

Jun.16.2006 @ 12:14 AM
Chris Randall
Yeah, I've got the UF-7. I don't think I'll bother with that, though. If I wanted a Micro Q, I'd just buy one. They're not exactly rare or expensive. I don't see any reason to shoehorn one in my controller.



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