June 9, 2006

Stupid Shit I Get In The Mail...

by Chris Randall

And it came to me, for some odd reason. (The word I'm searching for is "natch.") I've never owned/purchased/wanted a Mackie product, yet I get this just now:

Every day, millions of unfortunate souls are subjected to the devastating effects of bad sound. But here at Mackie, we've decided to do something about it. This year, we're proudly sponsoring the Coalition to End Bad Sound. And we're giving you the tools you need to end bad sound in your own neighborhood.

It goes on to talk about rebates or some other blather. I could think of many ways to "end bad sound," (assuming my definition and Mackie's are the same) but buying Mackie loudspeakers is really fucking low on that list. Seriously.



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Jun.11.2006 @ 11:45 AM
I've recently gotten into the habbit of iPod referencing, where I actually go through the bitch fo encoding to AAC, dumping it on my iPod, and seeing how everything sounds through those crap-ass stock white earbuds. I do this not only to make myslef feel bad about my mixing skills, but also to see how it might sound to a hypothetical projected 100 million people. Seems like time better spent to me these days than running it through some cheap Aiwa or Sony boombox, as was my former protocol.

Anyone have a mackie or berhinger they're willing to torch or violently destroy in the name of a new photo/video thread? Just curious. It might be exquisitely satisfying.



Jun.11.2006 @ 9:12 PM
I dont own and have not used Mackie mixers or speakers, but the MCU is a great thing.

Jun.11.2006 @ 9:53 PM
sad to say I have a berhinger, I maybe willing to torch it on video, but only if CRandall asks me real pretty like. :)

Jun.12.2006 @ 10:42 AM
weird tangent: there's a reggae track out there where the toaster says: "I'm fat like Neve, you thin like Mackie." Anybody know it? I want to say Big Youth, but not sure.

I think the small Mackie mixers are pretty useful. They travel well and seem to hold up, and they don't f- up the sound too much.

I like the Behringer measurement mic. I've got a pair, and I use them with a home-made Jecklin disc (two thrift shop LP's glued together and covered in velvet). For $40 a crack, they catch a lot of sound.


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