September 2, 2005

Am I Bloo?

by Chris Randall

There are few tools you actually _need_ to create music, but a good compressor, a good mic pre, and a good mic are the three things you should spend money on. For everything else, you can either do it in your computer with passable quality, or the difference between good and bad is only noticable by people with "golden ears." That's why I continually post about high-end mic pres, compressors, and mics. This is the one area that separates the men from the boys. In that light, I bring you this.

Pictured above is the end result of the Bloo Technologies LA2A kit. This is apparently as close as you can get to the Real Thing in this day and age. It isn't exactly inexpensive, though. There is a thread at the Prodigy Pro forums, found here, that is everything you need to know. Bloo Technologies doesn't have a website, and this is more or less a complete child of the Prodigy Pro site. He mouses about the price, and won't actually tell you unless you e-mail him. I have thoughtfully done so for you already, and (risking the Wrath here) I post it: the kit from him is $650. It is missing a few parts which you will have to procure separately, which brings the total cost-to-build to around $850.

Now, Universal Audio makes the current incarnation of the Teletronix LA2A, available for $2399 from Vintage King, so $850 is quite a deal, if you're handy with the soldering iron. There are several other knockoffs, in the same price range, or you can, of course, track down a real one for about a grand more.


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Jan.19.2006 @ 7:39 PM
DIY and save much more:

La-2a, Pultec EQP-1A, 1176, more.

Schemos, Layouts, Parts Lists, Pics, MP3's.

As close as you can get to the real thing without actually buying it.

link []">link []

(Not for profit)




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