June 8, 2006

Well-rounded Serge Panel for sale...

by Chris Randall

A regular on the AI Buddy List, James Maier (you probably know him better as Carbon111) is selling his Serge panel. It is an excellent starter panel, with the following modules: ADP, PRNV, PCO, RING, EQ, AMX, UAP, 2RVG, QUAN, SPRC. He says he's accepting offers, so pop over to his page and contact him if you're in to this bad boy. It is basically brand new. He is a stand-up guy, with an unimpeachable rep.



Jun.08.2006 @ 11:34 PM
penzoil washington
I had a 3 panel system made when STS was in SF. Honestly: the system of voltage control is brilliant, and the stackable banana plugs make very complex routings easy, but the performance of the modules made at that time was dissapointing to me... clicky VCA's, filters with gain issues, sequencers with non-working, yet advertised features. Also, modules that are described as imparting a wide variety of subtle effects would tend to just uniformly mow down whatever they were fed at any level, and I'm no Metasonix fan. And the front panels are like tin.

I've been told by someone who was involved with the company since they relocated to WI that they cleaned up a lot of issues.

Still, with all the new systems out there (I think STS was the only commercial modular maker in the mid nineties, though someone will surely tell me I'm wrong), Serge shit is priced like an Italian sports car, and it ain't.


Jun.08.2006 @ 11:45 PM
penzoil washington
i've had several other modulars as well, but today I could see (err, dream of) doing everything on a pair of Moog Voyagers with the CV expansion boxes and a pile of Moogerfoogers. I fell in love with that shit though i demoed it (extensively) absolutely predisposed to hate and dismiss it as crap. The only thing that made no sense to me was the position of the touch pad. I own no Voyagers, btw ;)

I guess that rig would cost about the same as I paid for the 3 panel Serge. No contest!


Jun.09.2006 @ 12:47 AM
I've never met a Serge owner unsatisfied with their purchase. In fact, even while I was building a MOTM system I was craving the flexibility my friends' Serge and Buchla systems afforded. I know of no other module as flexible as the Serge dual slope generator/DSG. It can be an AR envelope, an LFO, an oscillator, a slew limiter, an envelope follower, and a clock. Nothing I've seen in the MOTM, Synthesizers.com, Blacet, Doepfer, AS, Moog, or Technosaurus systems come close to achieving this.

I'd agree the filters are a little lacking (and no where near as awesome sounding as Juergen Haible's MOTM-440 SSM filter design). I still get plenty of use from the Serge variable Q filter and the variable bandwidth filters. While I have no VCAs in my system I do have half a dozen quad VC mixers and numerous cross fade modules. The quad mixer is phenomenal and it's a downright shame that none of the other format modulars have a similar module. The ability to modulate level and pan around the soundfield is key to great sounds.

Now that I have a large Serge system I'm selling off my MOTM and considering selling off my Moog.

As for the Voyager comment, anyone who has owned one for a while would not say it's the end-all be-all of monophonic hardware synths. If anything the DSI Evolver is.


Jun.09.2006 @ 1:16 AM
the harvestman
I'm very pleased that Bananalogue is taking some of these designs down to smaller synthesizer formats - the jackoff-worthy slope generator in the form of the VCS especially. If they do something along the lines of the NTO and beyond, it's going to have great and positive effects on Euro- and Fracrack instrumentation as a platform.

The Plan B model 18 seems to be somewhat inspired by the Serge mixer, but its output stage is only stereo.... there's still VC level and pan on each channel so its utilty is immeasurable in a Eurorack system. I hope it makes it to production soon.

I agree with you on the Evolver vs. Voyager, though it is a pretty uneven comparison given the radically different design objectives of each. And the Voyager does have the CV expansion going for it...


Jun.09.2006 @ 4:20 AM
Oh how far we've come.
It is now easier to create sci-fi 3d'ish buttons than text entry...
Perhaps Steve Jobs is the Messiah after all.
<- end whine ->
I'm positive this thing will sound amazing and _that_ is what really counts.

Jun.09.2006 @ 9:05 AM
i'm happy with my two STS Oakland panels that I got secondhand. I've had them open and repaired a minor problem probably due to being jostled during shipping overseas. the internal construction quality is excellent and the components are high spec. the amount of 'resolution' in the knobs and CV inputs is insane. i'm not wild about the prices or inability to buy modules individually, but it's always a personal decision, and a compromise, in the end, i believe.

Jun.09.2006 @ 9:08 AM
oh, since there's a real lack of modular synth samples of any kind on the intardweb, i have a thread going at modularsynth.net where you can listen to some Serge stuff, naked... and no, none of it has anything to with Tangerine Dream
link [www.modularsynth.ne...]">link [www.modularsynth.ne...]

Jun.10.2006 @ 9:06 PM
Sweet sounds, cebec.

Thanks for the shout-out, Chris!


Jun.11.2006 @ 5:50 AM
The panel is now sold! ^_^

...um...by the way, I was selling *a* Serge panel, not all of them ;)

I've still got a custom panel and my precious "Animal" panel:
link [www.carbon111.co...]">link [www.carbon111.co...]


Jul.19.2006 @ 2:44 PM
retrosynth, you mentioned you were thinking about selling off your MOTM system. Are you still thinking about it? I may be interested.





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