May 31, 2006

New URS Channel Strip...

by Chris Randall

Have a gander at this sexy little plug. 'Tis the URS Strip, a compressor/EQ combo platter for your DAW. It looks like the compressor is a slightly dumbed-down version of their 1975 compressor, while the EQ is a combo platter design. Whatever. I'll take two please, in Native formats. WinVST and OSX VST/AU coming soon. Available now for the various whack-ass PT formats. Native is $199. Can't complain.

I can complain about the bullshit fiesta that is iLok. Sorry, URS, but that's a deal-breaker for me. Can't you guys come up with something that doesn't treat your paying customers like criminals? I mean, your non-paying customers aren't gonna pay either fucking way, so what's the point?




May.31.2006 @ 6:19 PM
sigh, ilok. Here's me <a href="link []">link []">trying to demo</a> URS plugs.

And yet, I bought a bunch. Go figure.


Jun.01.2006 @ 6:00 AM
URS are fucking amazing, the N series eqs are my favorite.

maybe if we push hard enough they will switch to challenge copy protection lol (yeah right...) :


Jun.01.2006 @ 8:45 AM
I've been meaning to ask: It seems that Pro Tools is the de-facto standard DAW (at least based on volume), yet VST seems to be the de-facto standard plug-in format. Is it just a pain in the ass to write an RTAS plugin?

Jun.01.2006 @ 10:00 AM
Chris Randall
It's not so hard to write an RTAS plugin. Not any more so than any of the other formats, really. What _is_ a pain in the ass is dealing with Digidesign. We originally released an RTAS version of Mayhem, but pulled it when we discovered what choads they can be.

Not my favorite company.

Anyways, ProTools is the de-facto standard in studios for recording bands, but as far as other contexts (writing and home studio use and what not), people use Live, Logic, and Cubase/Nuendo the most, although FL Studio and Sonar are starting to make serious inroads. I also see a lot of Orion customers lately; that is starting to become a quite popular hobbiest program.

Also, it's worth mentioning that Nuendo is the standard for post work, for what it's worth.





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