May 31, 2006

Killer deal on a Rosetta...

by Chris Randall

I don't normally post this sort of thing, but this is too good to pass up, and unfortunately, I have to pass it up. This post on Gearslutz has a dude with a good rep selling a 96K Rosetta 800 for $2300 shipped anywhere in the US and Canada (except for the extremities of both countries.) This is a motherfucker of a deal. I would get it myself if I didn't have like 10 other things in line ahead of it that I need a lot worse.

So, I strongly suggest someone jump on this. If you're one of those crazy sorts that records/mixes at 192, (a) you have too much free time, and (b) Apogee can turn it in to a 192 for a paltry sum. Someone buy this fucking thing, please! (The image is of the actual unit.)

(Also note that you have to be a registered Gearslutz member to see the classifieds.)




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