May 30, 2006

Altiverb Windows (emphasis on the doze)

by Chris Randall

I'm sure I'm not alone in not caring about this. I'm of the considered opinion that there are two kinds of reverb: the kind that comes out of high-end hardware, and the shitty kind. Altiverb falls in to the latter catagory, of course. As far as I'm concerned, anyways. But lots of people seem to be excited about this, so here you go. No demo for PCs yet, but I'm kind of anti-demo, anyways, so that doesn't bother me. (I mean, would you buy a car if you got to take it home and drive it for a month, but it only went 35 MPH and the horn beeped every 45 seconds? I didn't think so.)

If you're not in the know (there have to be at least 6 of you out there that aren't) Altiverb is the original IR 'verb. Whether it is the best or not is open to interpretation. It is certainly one of them.



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May.30.2006 @ 4:10 PM
Muff Wiggler
i can tell you for sure that you aren't alone in not caring about this.

(heheh devil's advocate time here: Doesn't Audio Damage make, ahem, a couple of reverb products? ;)


May.30.2006 @ 4:16 PM
Chris Randall
Just one, Deverb, and it isn't meant to "accurately simulate your bathroom." It is meant to be a completely fucked reverb. Ratshack Reverb is, of course, not a reverb at all but an analog delay.



May.30.2006 @ 4:31 PM
i have to disagree, im definetely happy to see its out for windows. but mostly so i can stop hearing the local mac whore engineer say its for mac only and can only run on a mac. ive personally heard it and seen it used in the studio and it seems a hell of a lot easier to dial in than an h8000 and more often than not it gets used over the h8000 for reverb, unless an over the top reverb is desired. its not like were plugin junkies either between this and the sony oxford eq its about the only plugins that see the light of day in a session. itll be interesting to see how well it runs on windows though, something tells me as good as everything else on a pc. thanks for the news.

May.30.2006 @ 5:08 PM
Convolution reverbs are different animals than hardware-emulated froot-de-froot. Personally I can't deal with simu-verb after using convo-verb.

Unfortunately for Altiverb, SIR already exists on the PC and it's free.


May.30.2006 @ 5:21 PM
I don't care about this Altiverb. I also don't care about Waves either. I've tried them both, plus Voxengo's Pristine Space and SIR. I think that SIR is the best, especially if you want a really saturated sound. SIR also never crashed on me.

Chris, have you ever thought about doing a spring reverb plug-in?


May.30.2006 @ 5:33 PM
well it's easier to dial than the sony convolution hardware . personally I think Altiverb and the likes are not that musical but do very well for post production work for film. If you want a band to sound like they are playing in a cathedral, rent a god damn cathedral. But if your trying to match an overdub dialog to a specific space I think impulse responses from that space can be used to do so.

May.30.2006 @ 5:50 PM
Chris Randall
Yeah, you're right about that.

As for the spring reverb, it is more or less impossible to emulate a spring in software, as you'll no doubt know from the any number of really shitty spring 'verb emulations out there. There are just too many variables.

We'd certainly like to, FWIW. But it is unlikely to happen unless some New Tech pops up to make models like that possible.



May.30.2006 @ 5:59 PM
I don't believe altiverb was the first; I think that was Acoustic Mirror. But I've never used one on any platform as good -- complete, stable -- as Voxengo's Pristine Space. As for hardware? If it isn't a room and it isn't a spring and it isn't a plate, it's an algorithm. It's artificial. Hardware, software, whatever. They're all hardware and software.

May.30.2006 @ 6:17 PM
Chris Randall
"If it isn't a room and it isn't a spring and it isn't a plate, it's an algorithm. "

No shit, dude? I always thought the 460 was a tiny rack-mounted room full of Magic Smoke that made it seem bigger.

I vastly prefer the (good) artificial 'verbs to real springs and plates; I think they sit better in the mix for music purposes. That's my own taste, of course; YMMV. But as the man said, if you want a big room sound, record in a big room. This IR shit is for the birds. I think it sounds whack as hell.

And, by and large, dedicated 'verb hardware sounds significantly better (again, because of the magic smoke) than any native-based 'verb code I've heard, with the possible exception of Princeton Stereo Room, which sounds pretty much exactly like the 2016 they put out, but lacks about 80% of the features, which is kind of a bummer.



May.30.2006 @ 7:03 PM
Ahh, magic smoke. Of course. That's what it is.
But I tell you, I've got a bunch of Magic Smoke impulses that sound great...

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