May 29, 2006

Christ, I Have A Headache (The Strange Saga Of The Chinese Ribbon Mic Group Buy)

by Chris Randall

Okay, let me state for the record that Alctronics has joined the ranks of Prong, the South Dakota Police, and TVT Records on my Official Shit List. After the Fundable group collection closed (over $10,000 in just about 36 hours) and I got everyone mostly sorted with all the errors that came along with Fundable's good idea/bad execution methods, I set about actually ording the microphones. Now, it is important to note here that before I even brought up the subject of a group buy, I got a pro-forma invoice, including shipping to Portland.

So, with all the money collected, I dropped a line to our friend Henry at Alctronics and said, in a nutshell, "okay, I've got the cash. Let's rock this shit." Henry replied with this little missive:

First of all, we are very highly appreciated that you can put our microphone
into your market, also we would try our best to support you at any time,
just like our another big customer in USA, it it our hope you can sell our microphone
by your brand or other normal sells way, but we do not accept that you collect orders
use this international way, it will hurt greatly our another customer and our company,
hope you understand our situation.

Please delete the message immediately from the internet, if not, we have to
cosider to stop our microphone to you, sorry for it.

I assumed he was talking about the group buy blog posts, so I removed all of them, then wrote him back and said "okay, I've taken down the posts. Can I buy some mics now?" I'll admit I was getting a bit nervous at this point. A few minutes later, he comes back with:

Just like I mentioned
in my last email, we do not really accept that you collect the order by this
international way, since it will hurt our our customer's benefit, such as
Nady, Apex and Rode etc, we have to take care of our regular customer firstly.
We are very sorry if it cause you any inconvenience, but I sincerely hope you
can understand our situation. If you have interest in our other microphone,
surely I will try my best to support you at any time.

Now, obviously, that doesn't make any fucking sense, but if there's one thing I've learned in my 20 years in the music industry, it's that you roll with the punches and move on. So I immediately set about examining the options. I had a large quantity of money, and wanted to exchange it for a large quantity of microphones. That seems like a relatively easy process, but doing it over memorial day weekend, when I've suddenly become the most hated person in pro audio proved to be something of a challenge. My blood pressure, which is normally a very healthy set of numbers, spiked in to the "burst those little capillaries in your eyes" levels.

To make a long and stressful story considerably shorter, Avant Electronics, the company who's (much better) version of the HRM-14 started this whole ball rolling, very generously stepped up to the plate and offered to save my bacon by providing the Group Buy members with their much more expensive version of the mic for the same price. I can't begin to express my relief at this turn of events; if I had to refund everyone their orders, I would have been out the Fundable and Paypal fees (over a grand and a half) from my own pocket. This would have, in a word, sucked.

So, all's well that ends well. The Group Buy participants will now receive a much better version of the mic, in nice baked red instead of whack-ass bling bling gold, with a better shockmount and a five year warranty. This whole project has gone from something that was spinning completely out of control to something that actually worked out to be better than all the participants initially expected. So, a very special thank you to Ken, Sue, and Glen at Avant for putting up with my highly stressed communications and going way out of their way to help out a group of people that weren't even aware they had a problem.



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May.29.2006 @ 1:31 AM
Muff Wiggler
so i guess 'you snooze, you lose' if you didn't get a pledge into the fundable site? :(

glad it all worked out for everyone though


May.29.2006 @ 2:43 AM
thanks for going the extra mile for us! Anyways red is gonna be much better than gold.

May.29.2006 @ 2:54 AM
So does that mean group buys will only be a bi-weekly thing, instead of every week?

Huge thanks to avant. They have seriously raised the bar for being a cool company. I will definitely buy some things from them in the future.


May.29.2006 @ 2:55 AM
that was a close one :)

i hope to join in on the next mic group buy.


May.29.2006 @ 3:58 AM
Jan Czmok

again, you did a great job. Sometimes you just don't understand the asian companies and their "policies".

It's good that it ended well -- and you saved every one of us !


May.29.2006 @ 4:35 AM
...and nothing adds insult to injury more than Engrish.

May.29.2006 @ 6:16 AM
Through the fog of Chinglishness, it is also possible that dear Henry has been getting some shit.

He writes that, sales this way "will hurt greatly our another customer and our company". Also he refers to "our another big customer in USA".

In other words someone from "Nady, Apex and Rode etc." has read this blog and realised that 'Oh, shit, if this works, we're fucked, coz why would anyone buy from us. The Middlemen?". Then said person has proceeded merrily to Henry at Alctronics and said... "If you sell a 100 mics to them, we're not gonna buy the next batch of 10,000 from you!"

Just a random thought,

btw. great blog


May.29.2006 @ 6:19 AM
good work, chris. Thanks!

May.29.2006 @ 7:30 AM
penzoil washington
Thanks Chris!!!

May.29.2006 @ 8:59 AM
Thanks for all your hard work on this, Chris. And the final deal is really excellent.

And thanks to Avant, seems they are nicer than any of us could have hoped for. Talk about creating good will.


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