May 20, 2006

YA New Toy!

by Chris Randall

Got yet another New Toy on the way. I ordered an Eventide Eclipse from Analog Haven yesterday. Well, two of them, actually. One for Adam and one for myself. I've always loved the H3000 series, and the Eclipse is a logical extension of that unit. I'll have a full report when I get it and use it for a while, but suffice to say, it is an Eventide Harmonizer product, so it will be fly, simple as that. Those guys don't really fuck around.



May.20.2006 @ 4:48 PM
Nice move, you won't regret it. Eventide stuff are expensive but they're worth every fuckin penny, and the customer support is superb...

BTW who's rack is that in the pic? I'd never rack a P3 under the 2016 and eclipse! "That place is reserved for a TC 2290", as in bible...



May.20.2006 @ 5:02 PM
you'll love it. awesome algorithms, great UI, and great converters in the eclipse too.

May.20.2006 @ 5:17 PM
Chris Randall
That's the image from the Analog Haven store. However, I agree that the spot under "H3000 or equivalent" is reserved for 2290. That box is on my "must get soon" list now, too.



May.21.2006 @ 1:36 AM
I like my H3K and the Eclipse is okay, but it looks like you have a 2016 for reverbs so why not go for something different like a Kurzweil KSP8 or an AKG ADR 68K?

May.21.2006 @ 9:50 AM
Chris Randall
Okay, I guess the whole "when I get it" doesn't do as good a good job as I hoped of implying that I don't have it yet, and thus that picture isn't from _my_ studio. ;-)

Once again, that's a picture from the Analog Haven store. I don't own a 2016. I definitely don't own a P3. (I have better things to do with my time than fool with 16-step monophonic sequencers. It is, after all, the year 2006.) I'll have the Eclipse on Wednesday, according to UPS. I wish I had a 2016, and I'll buy one eventually, probably. Don't really care that much about the Kurzweil box. The AKG one? Dunno. Have to look in to that.



May.21.2006 @ 9:59 AM
Chris Randall
Okay, I've looked up the AKG ADR 68K, and my response is "Oh, _that_ thing." I'm gonna take a pass on that, thanks. I have enough dust bunnies of my own, without importing them.



May.21.2006 @ 6:07 PM

"we're having an analog time here. the only thing missing is U.





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