May 18, 2006

The Big Sell Off (final round!)

by Chris Randall

Okay, I got my Lynx cables today, so the MOTU 896 is officially outta here. Typical rack wear; otherwise it is in top form, and I am the original owner. $600 $500, or I will trade for the following items:

Telefunken/Siemens/ANT/Filtek/Nuemann cartridges

Silvertone electric archtop or a nice vintage electric resonator/dobro

Vintage rack gear of most any stripe but especially mic pres, filters/eqs, and compressors

Analog synths

Obviously, the value of whatever you're offering to trade should be commensurate. Save the lowball shit for some other sucker.

Also available: a Parker Nightfly Deluxe, black w/ white pickguard. A couple nicks on the headstock, and the little plastic toggle thingie that goes on the pickup selector is missing. (This is the same as the Fender piece, and thus is available at any Guitar Center.) The volume pot could use cleaning. Otherwise, good to go. Includes the hard case. Make me an offer on this one, or will trade for any of the stuff listed above.

Korg Toneworks 104ds. It distorts. Like, a lot. Not my cup of tea. $25.

As always, Paypal only, buyer pays true shipping cost. Drop me a line if any of the above interest you.




May.18.2006 @ 11:00 PM
I don't know if you saw my comment on the Ursa Major post but I linked to a guy selling one in New Hampshire. Here it is again:

link [boston.craigslist.or...]">link [boston.craigslist.or...]


May.19.2006 @ 1:23 AM
I think it's funny that you're so cavalier about dissing people that own mackies, yet somewhere in your closet you where rockin a Parker fly. A mackie mixer is a utilitarian thing for people on a budget. Sure, it wouldn't be on my shopping list, but I can afford the ill shit, and I can name two classic 90's records that where mixed on a cheap mackie:

Stereolab - Dots & Loops
Tortoise - TNT

You probably dropped serious coinage on the Parker, and you probably overlooked a crapload of classy guitars in the process. It's ok though. I still respect you for selling it and getting it out of your life, and I'll still
visit this site daily unless I find out you're really diggin on a Triton or some shit...then it's curtains, i'M GONE


May.19.2006 @ 1:44 AM
Chris Randall
Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't you go sit at the kid's table why the grown folks talk?

That particular Parker is the sixth I've owned. You'll note that it is a NIGHTfly, and thus not "serious coin." The first Parker I owned, and the best, is the one that is played on that record you see hanging on the wall in some of the pictures of my studio. The gold one. The gold one that's hanging right next to the platinum one, in point of fact.

So, to not put too fine a point on it, shut the fuck up until you have something intelligent to say. Or better yet, just plain shut the fuck up.



May.19.2006 @ 9:18 AM
Wade Alin
the trouble always starts when the guitar players come about.

I'm always amazed when people want to diss me on my own page. I mean, if you came in my house and said something bad about me - I'd shoot you right in the face. Even if I sit around my own living room badmouthing the fuck out of people. . internet or no internet. Work that shit out for yourself. Start your own page. Something. So the guy has a Parker. I bet you have some fucking yellow DOD pedals with your X-girlfriends name (Tiffany?) etched on them. It's not an excuse to come on here and get all "I told you so" about things.

a much greater issue, where this all started - Mackies. Now correct me if I'm wrong (i'm sure you will) but I've never heard Randall badmouth a Mackie out of context. I mean, if you're a hobbyist with an Mbox and a softsynth using a Mackie - fine. Maybe reading something here will enlighten you, cause you to aspire. But if your some dumbass eating caviar with a plastic fork . . mixing your $85,000 synth collection through a $1100 board . . that's something I take great issue with as well.



May.19.2006 @ 10:46 AM
Dave McAnally
Man, while we're at it....I have a couple parkers myself, and I've had other guitars....and if you're a touring musician that has doesn't have a budget for things like roadies, and doesn't have the luxury of babying their instruments while on the road, a Parker nitefly is a pretty damn good axe (especially considering the price). They are road warriors for sure.

If they are good enough for Reeves Gabrels they are good enough for anybody hahaha


May.19.2006 @ 11:10 AM
Chris Randall
Just a quick note: if your indie-rock hipster pussy hurts, go ahead and post in this thread, and I'll bounce your ass. While I can certainly "take it," the nice thing about owning my own server is that I don't have to.



May.19.2006 @ 11:56 AM
more mackie banter:

i have to admit to some level of confusion when seeing some crazy amount of beautiful/expensive/great sounding synths in a studio and a big lack of attention paid to converters and the front end or mixer. but i think half those people are just synth junkies/collectors and not serious about actual recording/releasing music.

i think all us mackie users would love an api 1604. until that day comes i'll stick w/the mackie and the few higher end outboard pieces i use as a front end to the DAW. the mackies are very utilitarian... sort of like motu gear.

i think a couple of the strokes records were done on a mackie and Autechre uses mackies and at some point used an even worse shity tascam mixer but i love their music anyway ;)


May.19.2006 @ 12:07 PM
whoa dude, WHOA

May.19.2006 @ 1:27 PM
Chris Randall
Heh. I think there may be some confusion going on here. I've actually bounced a bunch of backwards-hair-having thriftstore-shirt-wearing Van Diesel motherfuckers today; you're seeing my replies to posts that aren't there any more. Apparently, the Parker NightFly is an anathema to people of that sort. Which is interesting. I feel the same about pretty much anything that B.C. Rich and Washburn make, for what it's worth.

While I'm certainly willing to listen to reasoned "here's why you're wrong" arguments, something that reads 'BWHAHAHAH! Parker Fly! You're a fucktard!" (and I'm quoting a deleted post directly) is going to earn my everlasting ire. Say something like that to my face, and you'll get a broken nose in short order, basically. Say it on my website and you'll get bounced and called names, because that's the worst I can do.





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