May 15, 2006

New Toys!

by Chris Randall

I scored a Lynx AES16 card over the weekend. A really cool guy on Gearslutz was selling a new-in-box one for a significant discount, which I couldn't pass up. So I stopped by his house/studio on the way to visit my Grandmother for Mother's Day, and we traded cash for card. I've ordered the proper cables, but I don't have 'em yet. As soon as they arrive, my MOTU 896 is for sale. I'd like to get $600 for it, so if there is anyone out there that wants to take the next step up from, say, an Mbox or something, now is your chance.

Speaking of Mboxen, the person that wanted to buy mine backed out, so it is available again. I originally had it for $150, but I'd take $125 for it, or I would trade for something interesting, like an electric resonator guitar or a cool old mic or pedal or something.

Speaking of tasty new toys, you may not have seen in the comments of an earlier thread that I cancelled my Chandler Germanium order with Mercenary. I didn't particularly care for their lack of communication regarding the order taking so long. So I ordered a 312A from Brent Averill, and it just arrived this morning. Customer service: 5 blinking gold stars. Product quality: 10 neon orange gold stars. This is a fantastic mic pre, and they really did right by me. I can't find the superlatives, except to say that if you're on the fence about purchasing a Brent Averill product, hop on over. They couldn't be nicer, and you get what you pay for and then some. As soon as I build up enough scratch I'm going to get the 1272, as well.

EDIT: I've just been fooling with this Lynx card, and I've got it running at 1.45 ms of latency on a jam-packed project with no skips. How fucking nice is that. I love pro gear.



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May.16.2006 @ 1:32 PM
Yeah, the UAD-1 sounds pretty great but it's quirky. I haven't started swapping it around PCI slots yet in the new box -- the guys that built this machine (ADK, you know, the kentucky guys) said they've not heard of these problems. So who knows.

I like them URS plugs. Too bad they're so spendy. I hate spending big money on plugins. Can't get my head around it.


May.17.2006 @ 4:31 AM
In my experience all of the DSP solutions that integrate as plugins have issues with IRQ sharing and PCI latency (yes firewire is still affected by the bus being hogged by other interrupt requests).

Also Chris, the RME HDSP stuff is the only stuff that offers the lower cpu load by doing DMA for audio i/o across the system bus (offloading the cpu from having to keep the audio buffers moving). Considering this is implemented between the hardware & driver, I can't see any reason why RME wouldn't do the same thing with a core audio driver, GSIF or even WDM with k-streaming (older Sonar etc).

Glad that the Lynx is working well for you though! Never heard anything bad about them myself.


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