August 30, 2005

New Unit from ElectroKraft...

by Chris Randall

Just got word from Tony at ElectroKraft that his new product, the Lunar Module, is now available. This little guy (or big guy; hard to tell from the picture) is the MIDI Controller Of Doom. Tony sez:

"I have created an exciting alternative midi controller that will produce sounds and rhythms not before possible with currently available midi controllers. The "Lunar Module" will transform your store bought sound modules, synths and drum machines into completely new instruments. Each one is hand made and can be customized to add controller options like pitch bend, sustain, modulation wheel, etc. Customizing can be done before or anytime after purchase."

The sound samples are fucking killer. I'm thinking that hooking this to a modular and using a scale quantizer (like the Blacet/Wiard MiniWave) and I'm basically in business. It is $249.00, and since each unit is hand-made, you can get customization really easy. Looks like a good purchase to me if you make any sort of experimental music.




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