May 9, 2006

New ribbon mic from Peluso

by Chris Randall

I've been seeing generally good things about Peluso microphones. They make a more or less complete range of mid-priced studio mics, and they've just added a ribbon to the family, the R14. $694 gets you a mic that apparently compares favorably to both an AEA R84 and a Royer 121, even though both of those mics are more expensive. Anyways, go have a look.


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May.09.2006 @ 3:00 PM
there's a good bit of dirt about John Peluso.
you could search all the major recording forums and find out, but this one particularly sticks out:

link []">link []


May.09.2006 @ 4:16 PM
Woa! That was awesome! I always think its interesting to hear behind the scenese dirt about the people who make our gear.

May.09.2006 @ 5:12 PM
Chris Randall
That's a damned shame. I thought it looked like a good product at a reasonable price. However, Fletcher (aside from being a world-class asshole, a subject on which I know of whence I speak) knows what the fuck he's talking about. I'd take anything he said about a piece of gear or manufacturer to the bank.



May.09.2006 @ 5:23 PM
Yea, love him or hate him, Fletcher stands by what he says. And he'll sign his name after every statement made.
He doesn't throw stones unless the target deserves a stoning.

I was looking at a pair of Peluso SDC's for a minute, and in my research i found all that shadyness.


May.09.2006 @ 6:35 PM
mmm hmm.

it seems like whenever there's bile being splashed around in the interweb/usenet kiddie pool, fletcher is somehow in the middle of it... pissing his speedos and flailing his water wings.

if only fletcher was a little bit older... he could have warned us all that georg neumann was a nazi.


May.09.2006 @ 7:08 PM
Chris Randall
Having spent the better part of 4 solid years in a studio Fletcher built in Chicago, I can say beyond any shadow of a doubt that, love him or hate him, he knows what he's doing.



May.10.2006 @ 9:36 AM
Seconding CR's comments on Fletcher. The poitics in the pro-audio gear scene are quite interesting. Violet/Blue, PMI/Toft, now this.



May.10.2006 @ 10:20 AM
you mean PMI/Trident ?

May.10.2006 @ 10:59 AM
Chris Randall
Or PMI/Oram, more to the point...



May.10.2006 @ 11:21 AM
or PMI/Douchebag



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