May 8, 2006

Ursa Major Space Station?

by Chris Randall

Anyone have one of these they're looking to unload? I'm looking for the original SST-282, not the TDM plug or the new digital SST-206. (Although, truth be told, we probably wouldn't turn down the new one if the price was right.) If you have one, or know of one for sale, drop me a line and tell me all about it. I know about the one currently listed in the Gearslutz classifieds. I've written that guy several times and he hasn't written me back.



May.09.2006 @ 2:54 AM
Now if only you'd asked about a week ago I could have pointed you to this...

link []">link []


May.10.2006 @ 1:47 PM
Chris Randall

Oh, well. Other than that one fellow that was selling one on Gearslutz who won't write me back, I can't find one for sale here in the states. I guess we'll just rent the new one for a week or two.



May.10.2006 @ 11:21 PM
Does that mean that you're planning to model it in software?



May.10.2006 @ 11:22 PM
Chris Randall
Maybe... ;-)

EDIT: Since this sort of thing has a habit of getting away from me, let me state for the record that we're not making a clone of Ursa Major's Space Station. We're making a plug that is in a similar vein; that is to say, an unique multi-tapped delay that has some reverb tendencies. More info later.



May.18.2006 @ 1:19 PM
link [boston.craigslist.or...]">link [boston.craigslist.or...]

Maybe he'll ship it to you.


Jun.06.2006 @ 12:13 PM

Just spotted one on Ebay, not sure what a fair price is for one of these.

link []">link []




Jan.23.2007 @ 4:26 AM
link []">link []

Mar.17.2008 @ 1:40 AM
i have one of these! ...and it needs fixing too. Strange as it seems to me the only way its gonna be restored to its original glory is for me to put it on a boat to L.A. and then sail it back here to Western Australia. I picked mine up for $600 AUD and last saw one on ebay europe sold for 1300euros!!!!!!
No shit...i guess the hype must be true????
Let me know if you do, cos so far im only able to get 2 taps and a heap of noise. Which has its own kind of greatness but nothing at all what i want from this old beast.



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