May 8, 2006

New 500-series modules from Buzz Audio...

by Chris Randall

New Zealand's Buzz Audio has some nice stuff in the pipeline. Click the image for a larger pic. The Elixer mic pre fits in API-sized slots, and is a class A/Lundahl design based on their excellent MA-2.2 mic pre. $695 a throw, which puts it right in line with almost every other 500-sized mic pre. (I don't believe there are any other 500-sized pres with a transformerless input stage, so this is definitely a new flavor for that form factor.)

On the right is the Essence compressor, one of the very few non-API compressors in this form factor. It is, as you can plainly see, 2U wide, which kind of blows considering the price-per-slot of 500 racks. Not much info about this one yet, but the price is probably going to be in the $800 to $850 range.


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May.09.2006 @ 1:02 AM
2 spaces on the compressor kinda sucks but it looks like we get Sidechain input and sidechain monitor in exchange

and THAT is frickin COOL!




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