May 7, 2006

Odds and ends...

by Chris Randall

Okay, I'm in the midst of my spring cleaning, and I have some odd things that may be of interest to one or more of you. If something looks good to you, hit me up. Buyer pays shipping, Paypal only, as always.

1. HP 200CD oscillator. You want to talk about bottom? Holy shit. There are samples of this on the "samples" page, but the real thing is tubey and has a big fucking knob. It is heavy as hell; I wouldn't suggest shipping this over-seas. I paid $40 for it. Make me an offer I can't refuse.

2. Bell & Howell Model 10D oscilloscope. This is a good starter scope. Not a lot of bells and whistles (or Howells, for that matter) but it works as advertised. Fun for viewing your LFO and MiniWave waveforms, which is what I used it for. It is largish, but light. Offers.

3. Speak 'n' Math. Someone started a bend on this, but never actually did anything. (I have a pretty good idea why: there are three normally closed momentary buttons in the front. Something tells me the prospective bender bought the wrong kind of buttons at Ratshack and gave up.) It works fine, if you're in to the whole Speak thing, and is ready for bending. $15 and it is yours.

4. iOpener, unmodded. I got this with the intent of making a little BeOS box for running MIDI software, and using it as an external sequencer. However, I never got around to doing the mod necessary for it to run BeOS. I may get around to it yet, but it may serve someone who has a bit more free time better. If you don't know what this is, I suggest avoiding it; it is a more advanced project. Offers.




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