May 6, 2006

Four Measures Of Fury - May

by Chris Randall

Yup, it's that time again! Here's your loop. The key is Cm, and the tempo is 90 bpm. This one is a little more challenging, and a little less funky, as a couple people requested last month. It's a tiny piece of a song I'm working on currently.

If you're not in the know, we do FMOF the first Saturday of every month. You download the loop, and edit/chop/slice/dice/whatever it to your heart's content. The resulting file must be the same tempo and key, but otherwise, you're free to have your way with it. You may use only the provided source material. No extra samples or synthesis. You can, of course, resynthesize pieces of the included loop.

Export the results of your labours and zip it up and e-mail it to me, or post a link to it in one of the FMOF threads throughout the week. At midnight next Friday, I'll assemble all the loops in chronological order, and post the resulting track.



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May.10.2006 @ 9:50 PM
Chris Randall
Nah, we're about on par with last month. I'll put up another post tomorrow, then the requisite one on Friday. We should have at least as many loops as last month, I would think.



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