May 6, 2006

Ahhh, spring...

by Chris Randall

When a young boy's fancy turns to thoughts of high-interest retail credit cards. Or not. I got the following in my mailbox from my good friend Fred Foster at Sweetwater this morning:

I wanted to pass along some pretty unique information. Our special Musician's All Access Card "No Interest, No Payments If Paid By January 2007" financing offer has been extended through May 14th, 2006. It's a great deal if you're looking for some new gear! Please give me a call if there's anything I can help you with! By the way, if you don't have a Musician's All Access Card, you can apply for one online at Whether or not you're interested in this specific offer, I'd love to speak with you about any gear questions you might have.

Well, that's really nice of you, Fred. Thanks for informing me of that special deal you basically always have. Nothing like taking advantage of the fact that musicians are always broke, is there? Well, needless to say, I had to respond to this. Thus:

Hey, Fred:

There are no degrees of uniqueness. Unique means "one of a kind" and thus is a binary state. Something is either unique or it isn't. It can't be "pretty unique" or "very unique" or "really unique." Something to think about while you're peddling your high-APR credit card.

Take it from someone who once had a credit card debt that was five figures: buying things on credit is a Really Bad Idea. If you can't afford it, you don't need it.




May.06.2006 @ 1:51 PM
I paid for University with my credit card, and would a couple weeks later get my scholorship/grant/loan money, and immediatly pay off the credit card (thus paying no interest).

So, by the time I was out of school, my credit card limit was $50,000 - Even though I had no visible income and there was no way on earth I could pay back $50,000!!!

Now, here is the strange thing. A friend of mine never owned a credit card, and paid for everything in cash. He didn't take any student loans and instead payed for his schooling by working very hard.

At the end of it all, I had an incredable credit rating because I brrowed money (and paid it back of course), while my very very responsible friend now couldn't rent a car or buy plane tickets, and had no credit (no credit is bad credit folks - People who borrow and don't pay their bills are actually considered better than people who don't borrow!).

Another thing, as an adult with a mortgage - I realize that the world is designed to cater to married adults who owe money. That is what America is based on. Families with debts to pay!

So, the point is - in our society, it is actually a handicap not to owe a little money. If you are going to buy $5000 of gear, and you have the cash, in the weird Byzantine system of credit, you would probably be better off getting the Sweetwater credit, leaving the money in your savings account, and then paying off the balance at the last minute before you have to pay interest. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but borrowing money makes you a good citizen!


May.06.2006 @ 8:20 PM
Just got the same email. Liberally borrowed from your reply as my reply.

Who knows, may start a trend...

; )


May.07.2006 @ 9:43 PM
Dave McAnally
I racked up the typical credit card debts everyone does in while in college. I'm STILL paying off some of that (not that I'm that far removed from college).

Anymore, I always feel like I'm getting screwed by those people. Its like they don't know or give a shit about you, but they'll try to take you for everything they can regardless.


May.10.2006 @ 8:14 AM
Solipsist Nation

I got that too, but I thought it was because I'd just ordered something from them (the very exciting Boss TU-2 pedal that everybody I've been to see in the past two years seems to be using).

Right now, though, I've been contacted something like four times by their damn sales rep-- calling to thank me for placing the order and suggesting I buy an AC adaptor for the pedal (I already have one, thank you), a lengthy form-letter "thank you" email, that credit offer email, and now a call again, to make sure that the pedal got here all right and referencing the tracking info. "I just wanted to make sure it arrived, at 12:30 yesterday. Call me back and let me know yea or nay." Goddamn. What I want when I order something that costs under, say, 500 bucks from a web site is for it to just arrive and for me to never have to talk to anyone about it. Just send me the pedal and leave me alone. It's freaky.




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