May 4, 2006

Well, you know my name is Simon...

by Chris Randall

No, really. A British TV show from 1978. Roland 700. Space Echo. Prophet 5. Bonus Wasp. Rod Argent. Fucking awesome. Courtesy of Mike Trobridge.




May.04.2006 @ 7:16 PM
aaahnd i like to do drawwwrrrriiings..

May.04.2006 @ 7:36 PM
Jan Czmok
just one word: britains ...

May.04.2006 @ 8:56 PM
One more word Britons, we are weird and anal.

May.04.2006 @ 9:20 PM
It would make my day when Jimmy Saville would come and give
me my bonus Wasp :)


May.04.2006 @ 10:05 PM
Who gave Creepy McCreeperson his own TV show?

May.05.2006 @ 2:02 AM
And I thought the ostrich was part of Bernie's contract.

Little known fact about Jimmy Saville (the white haired chap in the clip at the end) - he invented twin turntables, literally getting a guy to weld two decks together in 1947.


May.07.2006 @ 7:57 PM
....and from there invented the job "disc-jockey", running his first "disco" upstairs from a jewellers in Calls Lane, Leeds, England in the early-mid-1950's. The term "discoteque" of course comes from earlier and from ends the history lesson. But interestingly that silly white-haired man is the progenitor of a hell of a lot of what passes for music these days...and then there are the "other stories" about him but best we leave those alone....

May.17.2006 @ 9:38 PM
sorry, youtube disabled this - claiming copyright infringement following alleged complaint by the bbc... some people really have nohing better to do...



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