August 29, 2005

More on the Crumar GDS...

by Chris Randall

I've always wanted a Synergy, but truth be told, I couldn't really illustrate why. Just one of those obscure and hard-to-use things that I desire, more or less just because it is obscure and hard to use. This GDS makes the Synergy look like one of the most popular keyboards in the world, if you use a sliding scale based on obscurity and difficulty of use.

The Synthony page has a whole article on the GDS and how it relates to the Synergy. The original Synergy is sort of preset, and you'd need a GDS to actually program it. The Synergy II and II+ could be programmed with a Kaypro computer, and thus didn't need the GDS. I like this quote from the product's liturature: The GDS is a completely digital synthesizer. Consequently, it is free from the problems of traditional analog units. Fucking fantastic.

In any case, while the Synergy occasionally makes an appearance on eBay, AFAICT a GDS never has. These aren't common, by any means. Our friend Paul Schrieber (owner of MOTM) is apparently a Synergy Lover, and has a section on the Synthech site devoted to it, but it looks like his love was itinerant, based upon the frequency of updates (or lack thereof.) It is interesting to note that the Synergy and GDS are basically computers programmed to act like synthesizers (like so many of today's synths) and thus could theoretically be emulated in much the same way the PPG Wave 2.3 and DX7 have been. Something to ponder, anyways.


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Nov.24.2006 @ 6:21 AM
Hello from Cologne,
is there anybody interested in a Crumar Performer?
I am actually selling all my stuff and i would like each instrument to be given to someone truly interested.





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