May 3, 2006

The Big Sell Off (round four!)

by Chris Randall

Okay, here's the next go-round. Something for everyone! As with the others, Paypal only, buyer pays true shipping cost.

1. DigiDesign MBox - Is what it is, does what it does. I don't have the original box any more, but I have the disks. Although, a fat lot of good they'll do you. It's 8/10, cosmetically, but works fine. $150.

2. SoundArt Chameleon - I really like this box, but I just don't use it very often, so I might as well put something else in that rack-space. It is worth it for the Australis soundskin, never mind the other dozen-odd things it can be. All the information and current soundskins are avaliable here. Condition-wise, it shows normal use. I'm the original owner. Make me an offer on this one.

3. Emagic EMI 2|6 - These things suck, but if you need a spare USB interface for something, I have one. $25 takes it home. Note that this unit has been on tour, and is cosmetically a bit rough around the edges. (Thanks, Wade.) It works fine, though.

4. Alesis DMpro - Yeah, whatever. Only the left channel works, but it works like a motherfucker. I imagine this is just a loose connection inside, but I don't care enough to look. This amazing unit can be yours for the low, low price of $30!

5. Wayfar MIDInes - Peter Kirn is off the hook for now; I just don't have the time to be fooling around with rack-mounting this, which is why I got it. While it is fun to make my NES act like a synth, ultimately, I vastly prefer it to act like Super Mario Bros. $70, as this is basically brand-new.

That's it for now. Drop me a line if you want any of these.




May.03.2006 @ 2:43 PM
Wade Alin
>>Note that this unit has been on tour, and is cosmetically a bit rough >>around the edges. (Thanks, Wade.) It works fine, though.

i didn't touch that silly plastic blue thing. ;



May.03.2006 @ 2:45 PM
Chris Randall
Har har har.



May.04.2006 @ 8:45 AM
Damn, I missed out on the MIDINES. Only if it were stackable with GameGenie, [godmode ON] [Lightning bolt, Lightning bolt]...

Here is an interesting site if any of you want to do this via PD, and MSP.

link []">link []




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