May 2, 2006

Roland CMU-810 Workout Video (Sweatin' to the oldies!)

by Chris Randall

fmass sent me links to four videos he made giving his CMU-810 a workout with three System 100m sequencers. The CMU-810, if you're not familiar, is the part of the Roland CMU system that doesn't need an Apple II to work. It is basically an MC-202 without the sequencer and chicklet keys. The CMU-800r is a very basic box, based on a 303 and 606 combo, but it requires an Apple II to function at all. It has CV and gate outputs, and this box was meant to sit next to it, and be driven by it.

The other three videos are here, here, and here. For extra bonus credit, here is a video of the CMU-800r in action. In my ideal studio, I have a complete CMU system, an alphasyntauri, and a Decillionix sampler, each with their own Apple II+. In my real studio, I only have the latter. Someday when I'm rich and famous, maybe. Thanks, fmass!


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May.02.2006 @ 6:55 PM
FLY!!!Makes me wonder people makin acid beats been on the 303s dick too long??



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