May 1, 2006


by Chris Randall

Oh, you pretty thing. API can do no wrong in my book, and the A2D, finally unveiled today, is no exception. Obviously following in the footsteps of the Neve-AMS 1073 DPD, this is a pair of API 312 mic pres and a high-quality A/D convertor, with AES/EBU and SPDIF outputs, for under $2K. There's an insert between the mic pre and the A/D as well. Obviously, no one has one yet. I don't think I won the contest, because I haven't received a call from API congratulating me. If the winner is an AI reader, congratulations. If you're not an AI reader, I hate you with an unbridled passion.

Well, no matter. This box is absolutely definitely on my List. Here's the site. The only downer is that it is white, instead of sexy API crackle-finish black. Well, no matter. Doesn't affect how it sounds, which is, I assume, stellar.




May.01.2006 @ 11:16 AM
You sure it's not silver?

May.01.2006 @ 11:26 AM
Chris Randall
It is silver. Time to redact.

Even better, though. It can go on my Silver Stuff I'd Like To Have list.



May.01.2006 @ 1:21 PM
ok, that thing is awesome. the problem i didn't mention before is that they didn't have a master level before the D/A but they fixed that. i want one.

May.01.2006 @ 6:55 PM
i'm guessing somewhere around $1500-$2k

May.01.2006 @ 6:56 PM
and i just read that you said its under $2k

where'd you get an idea on the price, Chris?


May.01.2006 @ 9:43 PM
Chris Randall
The page for the contest said "Under $2000" on the image.

So I assume that means $1999 MSRP, and normally API products street for about 2.5% to 5% under MSRP, so figure somewhere in the $1850 to $1925 ballpark from Vintage King or Mercenary.

But figure that two API 512 carts plus a rack would be $2314, so this is cheaper than that. A 3124+ goes for $3695, so half of that would be $1850 or so. In that regard, it's almost like getting the A/D conversion for free. Long story short, no matter how you slice it this is a hell of a deal, A/D or no.



May.01.2006 @ 10:48 PM
looks like $1695 street (hot damn)
link []">link []

sure you still want your brent averills?


May.01.2006 @ 11:05 PM
Chris Randall
Fuck an Averil. I'm officially putting in print that, in my opinion, this is the Best Deal Going for a mic pre or A/D. I already know what a 312C sounds like, so no complaints there. This is, in short, the Whipped Bisquit.

Right now, I'm trying to think of a reason not to cancel my Chandler Germanium order and get this instead.



May.01.2006 @ 11:41 PM
the fact that you have 2 channels of quality A/D in your Rosetta 200 is a good reason not to cancel your Chandler order, isn't it?

i'd ask yourself how much A/D do you need? and how many other preamps do you need/have?

for some folks, the A2D is a perfect solution. I'm personally up to my ears in converters and if i wanted another pair of API's i'd buy a pair of 512C's for the 500 series rack. Then again, the A2D is $100 cheaper than a pair of 512C's and a lunchbox!
Man they really hit a homerun with this product.
I think i just talked myself into buying one.




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