April 27, 2006

Saturday In Seattle...

by Chris Randall

Anything interesting going on in Seattle on Saturday night? Like some good (non-trance) local electronica or something along those lines? The missus and I are trooping up to hang with friends, pick up a broke-ass CS-5, and spend money we don't have on shit we don't need.


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Apr.27.2006 @ 10:38 AM
Aenemone Carbuncler
Kronos quartet plays Foetus:
link [www.kronosquartet.or...]">link [www.kronosquartet.or...]

Apr.27.2006 @ 11:50 AM
ask the washington local area board at em411.

link [www.em411.com]">link [www.em411.com]

also when you get there pick up a weekly. i know there's a couple of IDM-ish, downtempo-ish DJ nights but they are monthlies and i dont know when they are. happy hunting.


Apr.27.2006 @ 1:20 PM
Check out The Stranger, one of the weeklies in print and online.

Live Music/DJ listings:
link [www.thestranger.co...]">link [www.thestranger.co...]

Up & Coming shows:
link [www.thestranger.co...]">link [www.thestranger.co...]


Apr.27.2006 @ 1:34 PM
Just FYI, The Stranger lists Kronos Quartet at the Paramount while KQ's site and Ticketmaster say Moore Theatre. Big difference.

Apr.27.2006 @ 1:49 PM
Yamaha CS-5? Nice little monosynth. Hope the external input works...

Apr.27.2006 @ 2:22 PM
Wade Alin
you just missed Massive Attack ; (


Apr.27.2006 @ 5:06 PM
A few options:
Check out www.kexp.org a great local commercial-free radio station. They are sponsoring a benefint concenrt on Saturday night that sounds pretty good.

April 29:
Good/Bad Archives presents Seattle's 2nd Rock Lottery-Benefit for KEXP Radio at Neumo's
Doors: 9PM
Age: 21+
Tix: Ticketswest
Rock Lottery is 25 carefully selected musicians who meet at 10AM-randomly divided into 5 bands. They are given 12 hours to return that evening with 3-5 songs and a new band name. this year's line up includes members of Pedro the Lion, Mother Love Bone, The Ruby Doe, Harvey Danger, Spencer Moody from The Murder City Devils. ,Slender Means, Dolour and Maktub plus many more!!

Another resource to check is www.seattleweekly.com which will list recommendations for top shows each week.

Seattle is a great city for music:
I just saw Thomas Dolby last Saturday night and Ladytron on Wednesday night.

Enjoy your visit!!!
--- Steve


Apr.27.2006 @ 8:49 PM
d wagenbach
link [www.nwtekno.org]">link [www.nwtekno.org] is great, too

Apr.28.2006 @ 12:22 AM
Bukem was just through last Friday too...

Apr.28.2006 @ 9:27 AM
dude, it's not the trance music that turns you into an idiot... it's the drugs that are taken while listening to it...!

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