April 26, 2006

Weevils, bugs, and loopers...

by Chris Randall

BugBrand is a new manufacturer (new to me, anyways) of various audio audities. Pictured above is one configuration of the Weevil, which "features twin ring-mod lofi oscillators connected to a massive copper touch-plate and it loves to click, drone and squeal." Pretty basic stuff, electronically speaking, but you can never have too many drones, clicks, and squeels.

He also makes various odd things, up to and including an incredibly strange modular system. Most of the stuff on his site is bespoke, so keep that in mind. Regardless, some fun little things.




Apr.26.2006 @ 11:13 PM
Aenemone Carbuncler
yeah, nice work, i've stumbled across the bugbrand stuff on ebay and others for about a year or so, and it always stands out. I really hope some great products come out from him/them? They at at least know how to make them sounds and look great, lets see what the sound like.

Do something crazy, propose a limited 50 unit AD edition, make a plug-in that matches the hardware, and sell them as a bundle for the first 50!


Apr.26.2006 @ 11:16 PM
I like it that he is building lofi samplers! Everyone is building lots of analog gear nowadays, when there is plenty of room for new digital equipment. I am assuming he is using chipcorder chips (cause those are basicly self contained lofi semi-analog sampler chips). Chipcorder chips are so cheap and easy to use, I am suprised that more people aren't doing music projects with them.

I am very impressed with his stuff!


Apr.26.2006 @ 11:26 PM
Aenemone Carbuncler
hadn't really heard the term chipcorder before, i see what it is and those are great, but what part is analog, seems like lofi digital, no? not a bad thing, but do they have analog filters..or...?

Apr.26.2006 @ 11:40 PM

They are half-analog, half digital. In full digital, the chip takes a series of samples (lets say 8000 a second), and stores the amplitude in a certain number of bits (lets say 8 bits). In the chipcoder, it takes a series of samples (8000 a second), but the people who create the chipcorder found a way that they could use one memory cell, normally just one bit, to store an analog value (much in the same way a tape stores an analog values). That way they can store a single sample in 1 bit, instead of 8 bits, and can fit 8 times the sample time on the chip. And as a side benifit is that it is completly non-violatile, like a tape.

So the chip is really an analog/digital hybrid.


Apr.26.2006 @ 11:48 PM
Aenemone Carbuncler
thanks Rex,
nice, sounds like it could be really cool.
what does the ZVEX lofi delay use?

Apr.27.2006 @ 3:51 AM
He's a dude! And from Bristol, like me....



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