August 29, 2005

And we have a confirmation...

by Chris Randall

On our Friday gear pr0n picture, I was unsure of what this unit was, and postulated that it might be a QASAR M8, the fore-runner to the Fairlight CMI. However, Todd Fletcher writes in to say:

The thing in question is a Crumar GDS, mother of the Synergy and used by Wendy Carlos (for Tron) & Tangerine Dream as well as Schulze. The CPU & monitor goes with the keyboard on the floor to it's right. It mostly sounds like a DX7, and would probably drive an analog guy like you nuts :-). Nothing even close to a filter in that machine.

Oh, I loves me some digital, make no mistake. But thanks for that spotting. I had a feeling I was wrong there...




Sep.08.2005 @ 5:24 PM
In this picture you see realy one Crumar GDS !

If you want see one Qasar Multimode 8 (M8) the fore-runner to Fairlight CMI... look here : link []">link []

or on peter Vogel (from Fairlight) home page : link []">link []

And you see it's not the same system !

If you want picture of Crumar GDS or DKI Synergy look here : link []">link []
link [users.ece.gate]">link [users.ece.gatech.ed...]

best regards,



Sep.08.2005 @ 5:29 PM
This picture from Klaus Schulze studio...

Some other pictures :
link []">link []
link []">link []




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