April 24, 2006

17" MacBook Pro announced...

by Chris Randall

If you care about this, you no doubt know already, but Apple announced the 17" MBP today. I need to replace my iBook in the worst way, but not to the tune of $2799. I think I'll be waiting until the MacBook notPros are announced. I'm of the considered opinion that the 15" will run $999. That would be a pretty big coup on Apple's part.



Apr.24.2006 @ 10:23 AM
when you add applecare and another 1 GB of RAM it comes $3448.00

at least you have FW400 and FW800 on it and the option (at no cost increase) of a 7200 rpm 100GB drive.

still, not the cheapest lappy around. $999 for a non-pro mac book would be nice.


Apr.24.2006 @ 10:26 AM
@ boobs,
or you could save $200 and buy that extra 1GB RAM at macsales.com like i did for my 15" Macbook Pro

Apr.24.2006 @ 2:33 PM
brandon daniel
I worry that we will not get 14" or 15" macbooks (non pro). There's been a lot of talk about 13"ers, but I haven't seen anything on sizes larger than that. 13" widescreen is just not enough...

Apr.26.2006 @ 7:29 AM
Word on the street is the low-end iBook replacement will have a 13.3" widescreen LCD. There's no certainly about the $999 price; I could see them starting at $1099, same $100 bump the mac mini's got.

The lack of a 15" macbook would leave a pretty big gap in Apple's laptop offerings in terms of price. That's not likely. Not sure what/how they'll fill it, but I bet they will.




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