April 23, 2006

Fucktard Of The Week...

by Chris Randall

Sure, I'm a cynical old bastard, but you don't need to make it easy on me. I mean, really, now.


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Apr.23.2006 @ 4:59 PM
michael weeks
11 string Fucktar!

I play a mean 6 string fucktar - but this guy has me beat.


Apr.23.2006 @ 5:58 PM
Does his butt buddy help him on bar chords??

Apr.23.2006 @ 7:17 PM
brandon daniel
small cock Sunday.

Apr.23.2006 @ 9:31 PM
high tech
ha ha....
speaking of fucktards and small cocks;

check out this guys post on gearslutz:

"Same here. I love my Hummer, most BMW drivers are jerks on the road here in So. Cal.

The Hummer gives me some space and respect that I don't ever get in the Jeep Wrangler. Guess they know I could crawl right over them if they piss me off.

Jim Williams
Audio Upgrades"

heres the link:
link [gearslutz.com/bad.ph...]">link [gearslutz.com]


Apr.23.2006 @ 9:42 PM
Chris Randall
The nice thing about guys driving Hummers is that you _know_ you can take them, push comes to shove. Nobody that has any self-confidence or actual skills would drive one of those, in my opinion.

Or play a bass like that, for that matter.



Apr.23.2006 @ 9:56 PM
Does this mean that we can expect a new fucktard each and every week??? Just when you thought HCGPF was the only weekly post worth looking forward to.....

Apr.23.2006 @ 10:02 PM
Chris Randall
I'm thinking about it. For HCGP, I have to do a bit of work, but this? It's like shooting fish in a barrel.



Apr.23.2006 @ 10:59 PM
Suit & Tie Guy
FYI: i used to own a Chapman Stick. s/n 419.

Apr.24.2006 @ 12:06 AM
where do i send my picture?

Apr.24.2006 @ 4:37 AM
I assumed you were talking about his suit. I hadn't noticed the guitar.

Love the way he SO looks like a photoshop hoax.


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