August 7, 2005

New Jomox product in the pipeline...

by Chris Randall

The XBase 999 is apparently coming down the pike. Seems to be a logical extension of the Xbase 09. Real analog for the kick, snare, low tom and high tom, samples for everything else. Improvements over the Xbase09 are as follows:

1. Compression envelope on the kick, giving you the knocky rap of the 909 or the smooth decay of the 808, you pick 'em.

2. In the sequencer section, all patterns are A/B now. Also, micro-shuffle is per instrument, rather than per pattern.

3. An additional 16-step sequencer controls the external filter, a la AdrenaLinn or Evolver.

4. Theoretically, you'll be able to MIDI sample dump your own sounds to overwrite the factory samples.

There are a couple other new features; overall, Jomox has once again dropped a bomba. Go check out the announcement page. They're saying Fall/Winter '05. Knowing how this sort of thing plays out, we'll probably see it first at Winter NAMM.




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