April 12, 2006

New Toy!!!

by Chris Randall

My Big Studio Miniaturization Process is well underway now. I sold 90% of my shit, and new (and much better) stuff has begun arriving. Witness what the FedEx man brought this morning. Got myself a Rosetta 200. How 'bout that?

I expected a subtle improvement in sound, but I was unprepared for the drastic difference between the MOTU 896's stock convertors and what is in here. It's like deep gloomy downtown Detroit night versus bright sunny Pacific Northwest summer day. I'm serious. Which is not to knock the MOTU 896 too hard. For the money, it is a fine unit. But it simply isn't in the same class as this bad boy. As soon as I get a 1394 card for the Rosetta, some lucky AI reader is going to be able to pick up an 896 for a quite reasonable amount of money.



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Apr.12.2006 @ 4:46 PM
hell yea
did you pick that one up off the gearslutz classifieds?
if so $1300 was a good snag.

Apr.12.2006 @ 4:49 PM
though come to think of it, i know where you can get a Lynx Aurora 8 for cheap.... but no firewire card for that one yet.

When Lynx sorts out the firewire thing, my Aurora 16 will be so happy...


Apr.12.2006 @ 5:26 PM
Chris Randall
Yup. That's the one in the Gearslutz classifieds. I was going to hold out for a while and get a Rosetta 800, but it needs so much infrastructure... I saw this come up, and I was like "fuck it, that's mine."



Apr.12.2006 @ 5:33 PM
on the subject of converters.. if anyone is interested in a used Benchmark DAC-1, let me know... i think i want a ULN-2 instead.



Apr.12.2006 @ 6:00 PM
Do you print mixes through it? Or does it just make your life more pleasant for monitoring?

Or are you talking about a drastic improvement in the sound of stuff you track through it?


Apr.12.2006 @ 7:01 PM
I have a Trak2, and a Da16(to feed Dangerous Music 2bus summing 16x2) and I love apogee.
Ain't talkin' abour motu... (as I'm a fireface 800 and ProTools Hd user)
Nice buy!!

Apr.12.2006 @ 10:28 PM
Can we have some audio A/B? I'm definitely living in the low-end convertor side of things, and I'm incredibly interested in hearing what the difference is like.

Apr.13.2006 @ 7:54 AM
have you tried using the rosetta to reclock the 896 . has that improved the motu units sound?

i've been thinking about an apogge big ben or the rosetta to help my motu gear out a little


Apr.13.2006 @ 9:39 AM
gashoagie, the motu mod at www.blacklionaudio.com will do much more than the Big Ben. though the Big Ben will help some, the blacklion mod will give you far greater improvement for $ invested.

Apr.13.2006 @ 9:40 AM
Chris Randall
Clocking the 896 from the Rosetta = 150% improvement in 896 sound. (Demonstrably clearer in both highs and lows.)

Using the Rosetta D/A instead of the 896 D/A: Like an onion, make you cry.

Seriously. I'll have a full review up once I spend some quality time with the unit. Which won't be until I get back from L.A., obviously. But it really is a drastic difference. I'd say that a Big Ben would provide the same or better improvement in the performance of the 896.



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