April 10, 2006

Fuck me running...

by Chris Randall

A Rosetta 200 is in the mail on its way to me, and I literally _just_ got done refreshing the Fedex tracking page, and wham, I figured out what the new API product is. I mean this product. You don't need to enter, because I'm already going to win it, of course. Just to save you the trouble of typing. (Now, I'm definitely not going to win it because I just gave them 3000 new names, and that was kind of dumb.)

Anyways, I don't want to say what it is and be wrong, but if you look at the API ad on page 21 of the new issue of Mix, right under the text that says "312 Mic Amp," you'll be able to make an educated guess, too.




Apr.11.2006 @ 5:59 PM
that means i have to go find the new issue of Mix



Apr.11.2006 @ 6:06 PM
then again, you did say you figured it out while checking the tracking for your


i wonder how much this will run.
the 3124 is $2500.
so maybe 2 channels plus a/d will be $2k ?


Apr.11.2006 @ 7:02 PM
Chris Randall
That's what I'm guessing. I'm kicking myself now. Chandler Germanium plus Rosetta 200 = 2/3 of this new box, and I am partial to that 312 sound. That's weak. I'm thinking this is gonna street for $1800 or so.

Ah, well. I've been meaning to get a Rosetta pretty much since they came out, and anything about this new API is idle conjecture. It's on my list, though.



Apr.11.2006 @ 8:03 PM
A new issue of mix won't help you figure this one out. A little birdie told me what it is a few months ago. I'm very interested to see what the response will be when the specs are released...

Apr.11.2006 @ 10:12 PM
Chris Randall
It's not the A2D?



Apr.12.2006 @ 3:37 PM
woops. i messed up on that one. its the A2D.



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