August 28, 2005

DubStation now available...

by Chris Randall

The most awesomest plug-in from Audio Damage yet, DubStation is now available for purchase in the AD store. It is VST for Windows, and VST/AU for OSX, and is US$39.00 for direct download.

Not to be cocky or anything, but I am of the considered opinion that this plug-in is The Bomb, and not just because we made it. Easy on the CPU, good looking, and it sounds great, too. I made a quick demo track, which you'll find on the product page. I'll have Wade make a proper one when he isn't so busy, as he's much better at that sort of thing than I am. But if you give the demo a listen, you'll hear the looping, reversing, etc. that makes DubStation such a fun plug-in.

Our next order of business at AD is some contract work for a hardware manufacturer; after that, we've got another cool plug up our sleeves. This is such a fun job. I wish it paid better.




Aug.28.2005 @ 5:08 PM
Huzzah! Great job guys.

Aug.28.2005 @ 6:26 PM
Heyla!!! Great job indeed, I've just tested and it sounds really good, I just so love delays... Not expensive at all and truly cool, dearly recommended... Now I'm just waiting for the rest of Audio Damage plugz to be ported to AU (yeah, I know, I know... Do not take it as a rant, but merely as a compliment from a Logic user), 'cause I just love your plugz...

Keep up the good work!!! Bring on more damage!!!!




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