April 3, 2006

Messe = Big Fat Waste Of Time And Money?

by Chris Randall

So, between my own native curiousity about things noisy, and my interest in aquiring grist for the AI mill, I am pretty hungry for press releases that look interesting. Is it just me, or was there very little at this Messe to be excited about? Here's my roundup of interesting shit...

Adam A7 near-field monitors: These look sexy as hell, and for $1199 the pair, finally put powered Adam monitors within reach of the unwashed masses. I'm reasonably certain that Audio Damage needs to purchase these, so I can tell exactly how bad my code is fucking up the audio stream. Now to talk my partner in to that... (Maybe I'll use the ploy where I say "dude, these speakers have your name written _all_ over them!" Yeah, that'll work.)

SSL Duende: I've talked plenty about this over the last couple days. I'm not sure whether I'm more excited about the Adams or this, but damn, it looks tasty. Still nothing on the SSL flash-a-thon about it, but they always have been a little slow. Go there and read about the new iteration of the AWS-900+ that neither you nor I nor both of us together can afford while you're waiting.

Moog Little Fatty: There is truly nothing left to say about this that hasn't been already said by a whole fuckload of people that have never seen or heard it in real life. In my opinion, as one of those people, it looks like a good deal for a synth that is really eye-catching, and judging from the samples on the site, a 2-OSC Moog monosynth through and through. As several people that talked to Moog reps at the show have said, there will be another model down the road a bit, with plastic endcheeks and amber LEDs for $999.

If there's something else that came out that fits in my sexy file that I missed (unlikely) please let me know about it. I'd add the Focusrite DSP box, but there's just too much of a chance that it'll not be what it's cracked up to be. Focusrite is really hitting the bottom end of the market hard, and a lot of people who's opinions I respect say that the Liquid Channel is crap. So I have misgivings about the Focusrite Liquid Mix.



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Apr.03.2006 @ 9:59 PM
If the Adam A7's are anywhere near the P11A's--and hopefully they are, judging solely on specs--then this is a very good thing.

Apr.04.2006 @ 12:56 AM
Chris Randall
The Adam rep that posts on Gearslutz (Bryce?) said they're similar in response, just a bit lower SPL.

All I know is 35kHz top end. WTF? Dogs can't even hear that high.



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