March 30, 2006

Bush Of Ghosts double whammy!

by Chris Randall

One of the most important electronic albums, and one that has heavily informed most styles of electronic music, got a big pat on the ass today. My Life in the Bush Of Ghosts by Brian Eno and David Byrne, has been re-released on CD with (finally) proper mastering and seven (!) bonus tracks. In addition, there is a Bush Of Ghosts webpage that has remix packs and lots of info about the album.

This was a rather inspirational album for me when I first started recording (if you listen closely to my first two albums, you'll find several samples from it), and I think you'd be hard pressed to find an electronic artist from any genre that isn't intimately familiar with this record. Even if you're a fan of neither Byrne nor Eno, you'd be well served to pick this bitch up.



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Mar.30.2006 @ 1:08 PM
so it sounds better than the old CD version? because that version sounds TERRIBLE

Mar.30.2006 @ 1:37 PM
Chris Randall
I dunno. Supposed to. But you're right about that. That CD was released back when they just took the same master tapes made for the vinyl release and dumped 'em on CD. This is a remaster, from original masters, so theoretically it'll sound much more modern. I can't tell from the provided clips.



Mar.30.2006 @ 2:28 PM
Interesting that Bill Laswell doesn't seem to have a hand in the re-issue. Unlike the Miles, Marley, etc projects, Bush of Ghosts are "classic tracks" with which he had actual, though admittedly minimal, involvement...but it was his entree to the career he has made. Also interesting, but not terribly surprising, that Jon Hassell is still totally uncredited for what was supposed to be his record.

Mar.30.2006 @ 2:54 PM
But! But! But! It STILL doesn't have the track "Qu'ran" which was the first track on side 2 of the LP, but not the first CD issue. Damn, it was a great track too.

Maybe they don't want to get Salman Rushdie'd?


Mar.30.2006 @ 2:56 PM
Did you see they removed one track from the original album after complaint from the World Council of Islam about samples of chanting from the Qu'ran?

link [music.hyperreal.or...]">link [music.hyperreal.or...]

It is a wonderful record...


Mar.30.2006 @ 2:56 PM
Too bad the reissue doesn't include the very cool original version of "Jezebel Spirit," which has faith healer Katherine Kuhlmann's spiel about angels and spirits ("sit down by my side... and let me tell you allllll about...") plus a great riff that's not on the released version. I guess they still couldn't get permission to use her voice?

Several of the bonus tracks have been available on bootlegs for many years, not sure if these are the exact same mixes or not...


Mar.30.2006 @ 3:14 PM
Perhaps they're going to reissue "Qu'ran" as a single with special cartoon cover artwork.

Mar.30.2006 @ 4:18 PM
Javier Segura
20 years in front of the rest. They opened a great door through which we passed many musicians. Only the Beatles surpasses this. It's an icon that there is to surpass. Technology and poetry. Mystery and hypnosis. The dark and depth. Strange beauty. Catches and seduces. Difficult to surpass. Strawberry fields is more difficult to surpass but...Exciting future man! I love the life and the deep music. The reality is unimaginable. Let us walk!

Mar.30.2006 @ 6:25 PM
Interesting info about the sample clearance issues and Islamic problems. Was this release big when it came out originally? like on a big label?

If they'd just not have titled it Qu'ran maybe the esteemed 'council' would not have noticed.


Mar.30.2006 @ 6:59 PM
They should have told them to fuck off.

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