March 28, 2006

The Long Strange Trip Of A VCS3...

by Chris Randall

Huh. The Putney that was the subject of many AHNW pictures this weekend (including my post of a couple days ago) is up on the 'bay. Quite frankly, I can't think of a 3-OSC mono that I'd pay $3150 for, but to each his own. It is, after all, the rare tobacco-burst finish. Thanks to DM for the link.


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Mar.28.2006 @ 4:15 PM
Chris Randall
"it's kind of an unfair assumption that people who are really into ELP don't understand concepts such as "soul" or "mojo"."

That's actually well-put. Tarkus is one of my favorite albums of all time; I wouldn't confuse anything ELP has ever done with either "soul" or "mojo," that's for sure. They are, without any shadow of a doubt, the whitest band ever. Anyone that doubts this needs to sit through the Touch & Go video a couple times.

But that said, they're good musicians, and "Bitch's Crystal" almost has a little backbeat to it. Almost...



Mar.28.2006 @ 10:00 PM
I have an Ionic Performer. It's a very cool rip-off of the VCS3. Apparently, some guy in New York became the US Distributor of some EMS stuff, but he took the synths from the UK, and never paid them.

Instead, he made them into several ultra ultra rare Ionic Performers, of which I have one:

link []">link []

As you can see, this crazy thing has the VCS 3 patch panel transformed into a huge cheezy button array. Still, the synth architecture is very cool and fun, and you can patch in/out audio and CV, so it's really just part of the ole modular.


Mar.29.2006 @ 5:53 PM
Crappo - figured he'd keep the Putney long enough for me to at least putz around with it at an AHMW. My fault for not goin' this year then, though too bad everybody got jammed into a library this time around. That stage is a nice 'un.

Mar.29.2006 @ 9:26 PM
And DF, does your Ionic Performer actually work? The couple I've seen or read about were DOA.

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