March 25, 2006

Sick gear sale on NYC Craigslist...

by Chris Randall

Check out this ad for a really fine collection of gear up on the block. Some of the prices are silly, but some are really good. Of course, it depends on condition. Being me, I have my eyes on that SCI Pro-FX, but it is far more than I'm willing to spend on one at this point. The prices for the H3000 and H949 are actually quite good, if they're in working order.

Thanks to Chris Cortier for the link...




Mar.25.2006 @ 1:54 PM
I've heard that Maestro Woodwinds effect thingy is pretty awesome.

Mar.26.2006 @ 4:58 AM
Yeah, "rare ARP mixer with reverb and EQ on every channel," eh? I doubt he is talking about the one recently posted on MatrixSynth (link []">link []).
I think he means the ARP Minus Noise Mixer (link []">link []), one of which I just picked up for $50, complete with sticky plastic faders and 30-year-old caps. I don't know whether to commit it to a long-term restoration project or use the chassis for a custom MidiBox. Any thoughts on potential quality? It's really only so-so now.

Good luck with the "AD" campaign.


Mar.29.2006 @ 6:36 PM

Overall, his prices on average are about 20% high, but all said, not terrible. The Cheetah's great, but unsure of that $450 asking price ...

Martin, the Maestro Woodwinds units and their ilk (Rhythm N Sound, etc) are fairly cool, though in a 2006 context, there's a 50% aesthetic / 50% actual sound balancing act going on there. And as much as I hate "fuzz" in general, I guess everybody needs one actual fuzzbox, and the Maestro's tough to beat in that regard.

See also a Music Thing post from last year:
link []">link []


Aug.10.2010 @ 5:22 AM
Some good prices if you know what you are looking for. Rich @ link []">link []



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