March 25, 2006

Focusrite Liquid Mix...

by Chris Randall

Another addition to the family of DSP sidecars for your DAW, which includes the PowerCore and UAD-1. This bad boy is the Focusrite Liquid Mix. Obviously a permutation of the Liquid Channel; I assume it uses the same cloning technology. There is enough DSP in the box to run 32 EQs and 32 dynamics processors, which is more than enough for most projects, and certainly more than either the PoCo or UAD1 can pull off. (A total of 64 simultaneous plugs. Think about that.)

Each individual plug can be controlled from the UI of the unit itself, or via a small generic VST/RTAS/AU plugin GUI. All in all, it seems to be a pretty slick unit. I imagine this is embargoed until it is announced at Messe, but
someone jumped the gun
and thus I reproduce it here, in the public interest. The price? ?499, which I think is pretty reasonable for what you get. I'll certainly wait until someone who's opinion I trust gets one and provides a thorough review, but this might be the outboard DSP I finally talk myself in to getting.




Mar.25.2006 @ 6:25 AM
this kind of depends on whether the eq can be as good as the URS Fulltec, and whether the compressors are as good as the UAD1's. and... no reverb?

Mar.25.2006 @ 8:03 AM
Adam Schabtach
Doesn't need reverb. Reverb is handled very well by other things already on the market.

The relevant question is how good it sounds. The instance count is quite impressive, particularly compared to the UAD-1. So the question is, is the code in this thing any good, and how much am I paying for the nice control surface (which is nice and all, but how much sense does it really make when none of my other plug-ins have control surfaces)?



Mar.25.2006 @ 8:37 AM
it needs reverb if i'm going to buy it. i've got a room full of outboard but i want one mobile laptop addon to carry about.

Mar.25.2006 @ 8:48 AM
Adam Schabtach
Thinking about it a moment further, it wouldn't surprise me much at all if this thing can pull off 32 instances each of high-quality EQ and compression. The UAD-1 has been around a few years, DSP chips evolve rapidly, and some say that the UAD-1's chip wasn't exactly new when they started using it.

So yeah, this thing is looking pretty good for 499 GBP--particularly when high-quality EQ and compressor plug-ins for the PoCo or UAD-1 can run up to $595 list. Move all of the EQ and dynamics duties to this thing, keep the cards for reverb and delay--that would be a nice rig.



Mar.25.2006 @ 9:26 PM
Nice looking device, that's a lot of data to be shuffling over firewire. Hopefully you're not sharing it with too many other devices.

Also, the UAD1 chip was originally intended for a graphics card but never made it to market afaik. Wonder where that guy went that was trying to build a solution to use your nvidia card for audio work?


Mar.28.2006 @ 7:14 AM
reverb would be really nice. its hard to say, but that sounds like the kind of thing they could add later with a software upgrade if they had a mind to.



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