March 23, 2006

Thoughts on the New Moog...

by Chris Randall

If you're not subscribed to the Analog Heaven list (and who can really blame you?) there's been quite the go-round in the last few days about the New Moog. Of course, the same issues have appeared on many other forums. It's really quite annoying how many armchair quarterbacks there are in this business.

In any case, I posted my ideas to AH, but since this site has far more visitors than are subscribed to that list, I thought I'd paraphrase them here for mass consumption. Several (dozen) people posted about how it didn't have this feature and that feature, and who on earth would buy this hunk of shit if it didn't give you a backrub? etc. etc.

My thinking is thus: Moog hand-makes high quality products. If they're not for everyone, so be it. In my experience, the Big Briar-era Moog products are of an exceptional build quality, and sound like they're supposed to. This quality and sound comes at something of a premium in price, of course.

I find it ironic that most of the people doing the bitching are exactly the sorts of people that pay a grand for a 303 or a Source. This new synth is head and shoulders above the Source (an incredibly flawed instrument), I don't think anyone would deny that fact. And it will street for only a couple bills more. Quite frankly, I think that the new Moog will be exactly what it was billed as; a half-priced Voyager with half the features.

So, my big plan is to wait until there is a playable unit within my grasp, and play it, and see if I like it. If I don't, or I can't afford it, I'll just not buy it. How's that? In the mean-time, perhaps I can go to the snack bar and pick everyone up a large order of Shut The Fuck Up, with a side of Quit Your Whining?



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Mar.23.2006 @ 5:18 PM
Chris Randall
I'll tell you guys what, though. As soon as you see a picture of this bitch, you're going to be singing a different tune. I would say that a fair portion of the cost is in the design and construction of the actual unit itself. I'd guess at least a third, if not more. All the little extras (wood endcheeks, a bazillion blue LEDs, the custom bends in the metalwork, etc.) add up quickly.

While it seems steep to buy a 2 OSC monosynth for $1500 these days, you're paying for the brand and the design. Looks are important in an instrument. It has to share the stage with you, after all. And if you're in a studio as a producer/engineer/musician, and you have nice looking kit, it weighs on the impression you leave, and thus your ability to get more work.

Then again, I'm an extreme right-brained thinker, so keep that in perspective. All of this is just my opinion.



Mar.23.2006 @ 5:35 PM
i'd get the voyager rack for a bit more...

Mar.23.2006 @ 6:08 PM
lets not forget that moog costs a little more because its made in the USA. not many other people doing that these days...

Mar.24.2006 @ 7:57 AM
On the topic of form vs function does anyone know whatever happened to the Korg Radias? ANybody gotten their 'lil mitts on one?

Mar.24.2006 @ 10:34 AM
penzoil washington
ok, it's cheaper than a mini, but it's more than a used multimoog, which I think is in many ways the best spec'd moog monosynth (it doesn't have 3rd OSC, but has some wicked modulation stuff the mini lacks). Well, maybe Crumar Spirit beats the multimoog...

which is the better instrument would be the question if I were looking to spend that kind of money.


Mar.24.2006 @ 10:47 AM
Chris Randall
If I had to choose between a Multi and this, I'd choose this, no doubt it. No recapping, no drama. The extra CV inputs are handy if you have mod sources lying about (which I do.) Plus patch storage and MIDI.

However, one regularly sees used Voyager racks going for $1500 (Analog Haven has one right now) and I think that if I had to choose between a used Voyager rack, a used SE-1X, and this, that would be a harder decision.



Mar.25.2006 @ 10:57 PM
I just have to comment on the guy going on about the moog mf-103 phaser. Despite what his "pedal guy" says... mine does not exhibit a loud pop when switching on/off via the foot switch. This "pedal" is quality and its sound is silky smooth - not an in-your-face phaser like a lot of guitar pedals are. I'm using mine with a modular and it is wonderful. I am so impressed by it - I am tempted to buy one of their analog delays - despite the price.

tho I agree that the EH stuff is nice, especially the small stone and memory man but it is in no way like the moog pedal. Different beast altogether.


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