March 18, 2006

Discord 2 preview...

by Chris Randall

Pictured is the final user interface for Discord 2, straight out of 3DS Max. This should give you a pretty good idea of what's going on. Click the image for the full-sized UI.

As you can see, there is a separate LFO for each side; these can be tempo-synced, and the four small knobs in each LFO section are the mod routing. Each LFO can affect the shift amount, delay time, HPF frequency, and LPF frequency, with either positive or negative mod.

Each side has its own set of shifting and delay controls, and the delays can be tempo-synced now. Another addition is the cross-feedback path, which (when used in a pitch shifter) produces some pretty sick results. On the right, the master section has output level, mix, and some specialty controls.

LFO1->RIGHT overrides LFO2's settings, and sends LFO1 settings to both channels.

LINK links the controls of the left and right channels, for ease of programming.

toggles between two separate pitch-shift algorithms. One is more vintage and grainy, and the other is smoother (hence "smoothing.")

I don't know how long this is going to take to complete. A few more weeks at least. Discord 1.5 will be discontinued when this is released, and the price will be raised to $49.00. Upgrades will be $10.00 for owners of Discord 1.5. The OSX version will be Universal Binary. I'll keep you posted on the progress. Currently, Adam is working on the guts, and I've just finished rendering the complete stack that makes up the UI. I'll theoretically have the entire GUI done and coded by Monday, but there are a lot of fucking knobs on this thing, each one of which has to be hand-placed, so it could take more time than I plan.



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Mar.18.2006 @ 9:33 PM
The UI looks great. I have a question concerning VST UI's - is there any way to make them resolution scaleable? Something simple, like 3 sizes would probably suffice. I run at a pretty high resolution - 1680x1050, and most VST's are so damned small that I hate using them. Giving up knobs is a lot to ask... but going blind trying to click on a tiny knob that is less than a quarter inch on my monitor is even worse.

That said - your UI looks fine on my monitor - maybe you should go to work for Native Instruments in their GUI division.



Mar.19.2006 @ 2:37 AM
Can't wait - Discord is one of my favourite/most inspiring plugs ever

Mar.19.2006 @ 5:41 AM
I like a lot those 808 style buttons!
also the whole look, which is really vintage-eventidish!
Great work!!!

Mar.19.2006 @ 5:45 AM
Hi Chris,
that looks great! One question: is the "smooth" pitch shift algorithm taken from discord1? I ask because I prefer discord 1 over 1.5 soundwise - it sounds nicer with high feedback levels and overall smoother.

Mar.19.2006 @ 10:45 AM
Chris Randall
Yes. When the "Smooth" button is off, the pitch shifting exactly like Discord 1. When it is on, it is like Discord 1.5.



Mar.19.2006 @ 11:26 AM
D' MacKinnon
I've been using discord 1.5 regularly since I got it. Will older VST hosts be able to run it?

Mar.19.2006 @ 12:00 PM
Chris Randall
Of course. It will work in every VST host that Discord 1.5 works in.



Mar.19.2006 @ 2:28 PM
Numeric keyboard entry of values where applicable?

b/w: have me scared of Universal Binarys, I'll be on G4/5's for awhile. Anyone else concerned?


Mar.19.2006 @ 4:23 PM
Chris Randall
Propellerheads are a little crazy about that shit. The reason Xcode compiles slower code for them than Metrowerks does is that they obviously haven't figured out the Magic Words necessary. Our experiments, which were extensive early on, actually showed modest improvements in plugs compiled in Xcode versus those compiled in CW, once we got our compiler settings right. We haven't used CodeWarrior since about midway through Ronin development as a result.

Of course, I bet a fair percentage of the Reason code is written in assembly, which is gonna maybe change matters a bit. There's that to consider.

In any case, you really have no reason to worry, especially with stuff that is coming out now. If someone is able to release UBs this fast, it's only because the original was written in Xcode, in which case you're only going to see improvements in the Intel version, and the PPC should remain the same. A Universal Binary actually has both the Intel and PPC builds in it (which increases the size somewhat.) There's nothing special about it otherwise. It's not a single build that will work on both, but rather a special package that holds two builds.



Mar.19.2006 @ 4:25 PM
Chris Randall
Oh, and regarding numeric entry of values: on any control, you can double-click, and be rewarded with a text box to enter the true value. This is going to become a standard feature on AD plugins, just like our MIDI learn and parameter display. All our future products will have it.



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