March 11, 2006

Four Measures Of Fury March final...

by Chris Randall

Okay, here 'tis. We had a few less submissions than last month, but I think in general they were more creative. I'm not sure if this is due to the more esoteric nature of the source material, or what. The MP3 ended up being a bit longer, as the loop is significantly slower than last month, so maybe that's a good thing. In any case, here is the MP3 of this month's total. Here's the list of submissions, in (more or less) the order they were received:

1. Original Loop

2. Navs Abbany

3. Steve Hamann

4. David Deutsch

5. Raf

6. Cain Torst

7. noisegen

8. Konrad Carelli

9. Angstrom

10. X.Cerveau

11. inteliko

12. PBXorcist

13. meeglosh

14. wordclock

15. D'MacKinnon

16. dj_methodikal

17. Ronin

18. meto

19. seismologist

20. jt

21. Chris Cortier

22. Jesse

23. Chris Randall

24. Original Loop

So, there you have it. Enjoy; I have a really good one lined up for next month...



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Mar.12.2006 @ 4:14 AM
Hi! I did the "smoke on the water" thing. Glad you find it brilliant.

Mar.12.2006 @ 1:47 PM
Just wondering why my loop didn't make it? What did I do wrong?



Mar.14.2006 @ 11:41 AM
The "smoke on the water" bot cracked me up! Good work on this one! I can't wait until I have my PC set up again so I can participate.

Mar.17.2006 @ 2:33 PM
An MP3? Totally unlistenable. Please repost as a lossless FLAC file.

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