March 9, 2006

Ward Beck modules. Qty: One Metric Fuckton

by Chris Randall

Holy DIY console, Batman. This is obviously the left-overs of some serious Ward Beck console repair stockpile. Ward Beck is frequently, and in my opinion disingenuously, called the Neve Of The North. Let's make one thing clear: Ward Beck is not the Neve Of Canada. Neve is the Neve of Canada. Ward Beck is the Ward Beck of Canada.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, there are enough cartridges here to make yourself a 16-channel Ward Beck sidecar, with enough left over for two more. Or you could buy the lot, then sell 'em one at a time on the 'bay and probably make a tidy profit. Here's the auction. Don't get any drool on my website.


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Mar.09.2006 @ 8:48 PM
If the seller's other auctions are any indication, these may have come from the estate of a now deceased alcholic electronics nerd. The fact that there is no description other than what written on the modules kind of goes along with that theory. I wonder what the reserve is? I'd buy a metric fuckton of just about anything for the current bid of 24.28. Thats 2.4 cents per fuckkilogram.



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